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4 Free Android Apps for Managing Your Printers Wirelessly

You can always use your Android smartphone or tablet to send documents for printing to a nearby connected printer. All you need to do is to install a mobile app specifically designed to enable wireless printing. Here are four richly featured apps that can help you manage your printers wirelessly with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store and they support many printer models.

Print Hammermill (Aftograf LLC)

This free app’s robust feature set includes mobile scanning for some multi-function printer models, as well as printing via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. From the touchscreen surface of your Android device, you can print image files, email messages and their attachments, Web pages, SMS text messages, your phone’s call log, files from your various cloud accounts, Microsoft Office documents (doc, pdf, ppt, txt, and xls), and many others. Continue reading

Five Rules for Effective Social Media Engagement

Social Media EngagementWhether you’re running a small business or a big business, you’re going to need to dive into the world of social media at some point, especially when you consider the fact that nearly 70 percent of all adults online use some form of social media. Even if you’re already active on social media, you may not be getting the most out of your interactions — or you may just be frustrated by your lack of significant results. Before you write off social media interaction as not being an effective strategy for your business, consider these five essential rules of social media engagement that may be able to help you achieve more productive interactions with your customers.
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Remarketing Can Make Your Online Sales Explode

Remarketing-salesSometimes, your brand just isn’t reaching your target audience. It may not be due to a poor advertising campaign, there are many situations where marketing strategies or sales approaches become outdated. When this happens, you need to update and rebrand your business so that it can reach a whole new set of customers. By remarketing your brand online, you can make your online sales explode. Use this guide to see how remarketing can help you.
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Outsourcing Business: a Positive or a Negative?

Outsourcing BusinessOutsourcing projects is something many large organizations do on a frequent basis in order to free up schedules of high-level professionals so they can focus on the bigger picture. Outsourcing work helps businesses grow, speeds up project turn-over time, and boosts overall revenue. However, outsourcing at the wrong time during any particular project can be fatal to the organization and the overall completion of the work required. Before you outsource, ask yourself three questions. Continue reading

The Super-Secret Beginner’s Guide to Remarketing Like a Pro

RemarketingRemarketing tactics are sneaky, but effective. These tactics are built and based on consumer behavior by extrapolating data from visits to your website. For instance, if you have ever shopped for a cookbook on one website, but didn’t buy it just yet (or sometimes even if you did buy it), you might notice that on the next few websites you visit, as if by some magic Internet spell, you see advertisements for similar cookbooks from the same website. This  is remarketing, and it’s over 96 percent effective when it comes to lead conversion and taking customers successfully through the buying and upsell process. Continue reading

How to Create Free Online Business Publicity


Get Discovered to Make Sales

Google, the world’s largest search engine, can give your business more visibility. Your business listing takes minutes to set up. What’s more, you pay nothing to create your new online presence.

Your business listing shows up for your service, but people are searching whether at the desk or on mobile. For instance, someone out for a bike ride can find your bike shop instantly; your address and phone number show up and there’s a map to help visitors get to your business. Or, if everyone is hungry after a long day of work or play, your pizza shop comes up as nearby; the group calls from the listed number and pizza arrives their door. Continue reading

Who Should Manage Your It Manager?

It Manager
In many organizations, the chief financial officer (CFO) is placed over the IT manager in the organizational hierarchy. For a variety of historical reasons, CFOs have been the member of the executive suite who has the most interest in business technology. Crunching numbers on a large scale is what computers do best. The spreadsheet was the application that came first to most businesses, and it came in through the accounting department. Continue reading

3 Free Android Apps with Handwriting Recognition Capability

Imagine the convenience of jotting down notes on the touchscreen interface of your Android smartphone or tablet and then having your handwriting instantly converted into usable text for editing, uploading, and sharing. This article discusses three powerful apps that can help you do that. The apps that were discussed in this article can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.

Use your finger or stylus to write on the touchscreen of your Android smartphone or tablet. Then leave the rest to a trusty app with handwriting recognition capability. The app quickly deciphers, processes, and digitizes what you have written, so you can save it as a text file that can be edited, stored on your various cloud accounts, or shared with other people. Continue reading

3 Subscriptions Offers for Recurring Online Income

Subscriptions OffersThere are countless different business opportunities available online, but anyone thinking of starting a new business should consider using a subscription model. Even established businesses might benefit from adding subscription elements to their offer, with plenty of opportunities for increased revenue. The subscription model offers the kind of stability that single purchase offers struggle to provide. This stability, along with a proven track record of recurring payments, will make a successful subscription business highly attractive to investors or buyers. Continue reading