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6 Free Android Apps for Efficient and Productive Freelancers

Android Apps for Freelancers

Cut down the amount of time wasted in fulfilling mundane back-office tasks like invoicing clients and tracking billable hours. You can readily automate these activities on your Android phone or tablet, freeing up your workday to pursue more freelancing projects. Here are six must-have apps that can help simplify the ins and outs of freelancing, keeping you productive. These apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.

5 Note-Taking Android Apps for Ideas on the Go

Top Six iPhone Apps That Every Freelance Writer Needs


Trello is your ultimate task-tracking app. It can be synced to your other Web-enabled devices, so you always have access to updated data. With Trello, you can create to-do lists in the form of reminder cards arranged whiteboard-style on your screen interface. Include a picture, completion progress, and deadline on each Trello card, which is shareable and ideal for use if you work with a team because everyone can then comment on and view each other’s progress.


This high-performing and free app keeps track of your spending and helps you in creating and submitting expense reports to your clients. You can photograph your receipts with Concur and then integrate the data with TripIt, another excellent productivity and expense-tracking app. Using Concur benefits your freelancing endeavors because it is an excellent time saver. You don’t have to hunt down receipts. And whenever a client asks for a detailed expense report, you no longer have to go through the hassle of having to remember exactly how much you’ve spent completing a certain freelancing project.
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Zoho Invoice and Time Tracking

Remind your clients that their payment is due by sending them professionally designed invoices. With Zoho, you can use your mobile device to keep track of your billable hours and to use the data when creating invoices. Have the app streamline the process of creating and sending invoices, collecting payments from clients, and sending them thank-you notes. Online payment systems that work with Zoho include Authorize.Net, Braintree, Stripe, Payflow Pro, PayPal, and 2Checkout. Zoho offers multilingual support, which is invaluable if your clients are based in different parts of the world. Like Concur, Zoho allows you to take snapshots of receipts to be incorporated in your expense reports.

Client Manager

The free Client Manager app enables you to keep track of your growing client base and their associated payment history. It also serves as a simple, easy-to-maintain expense and appointments tracker.

Gekko Hours

With Gekko Hours, you can efficiently track and record your billable hours and then invoice those hours to your clients. There’s a timer for logging each freelancing task and how long it took to finish it.

Easy Tempus

If you want to keep a more detailed timesheet than what you can make with Gekko Hours, then opt for the free Easy Tempus app, which you can use for tracking billable hours, expenses, and earnings. Create timesheets, freelancing project notes, and invoices with Easy Tempus and then backup the resulting data to your Google Drive account. There’s a handy universal search feature that can help you quickly locate specific expense reports and task notes across your many freelancing projects.

5 Note-Taking Android Apps for Ideas on the Go

Note-Taking Android Apps

Ideas can strike at any time. Inspiration can come and go in an instant, and being slow on the draw can cost you a good opportunity. If you tend to forget your notebook at home, there’s another solution: your electronic pocket companion. Your phone or tablet can work just as well as a regular notebook for note-taking, outlining or even composing your thoughts.

You Can Remember It!

5 Free, Multi-Featured Android Apps for Your Mobile Office

1. Evernote

When it comes to note-taking software, Evernote is the literal elephant in the room. Evernote is a comprehensive suite that turns photos, web pages, sound clips and even handwriting into notes. You can attach files, create annotations or comments, organize by folder and search through collections of notes. Best of all, Evernote automatically syncs your data across your devices so you can instantly retrieve your notes on your computer. Evernote is free for personal use with premium subscriptions for additional features.

2. OneNote

OneNote is Microsoft’s entry in the mobile note-taking market. As a Microsoft Office product, it has the prestige of being part of the world’s most popular office suite. OneNote separates collections of notes into sections, which are further broken down into pages. Pages can be sorted in a hierarchy, making it possible to form logical relationships between different pages. You can attach files to pages, insert images, and handwrite notes. Pages grow dynamically to be almost infinite in size, resulting in a smooth uninterrupted workflow. Since OneNote is part of Office 365, your notes are automatically saved to the cloud and can be accessed through any web browser. The OneNote app is free, but requires an active Microsoft account.

3. Google Keep

Google’s Keep is a great way to not only take notes, but also find information related to your notes. Keep integrates with other Google components to provide audio transcription, search for data related to a topic and even store location data to pull up notes when you need them. With newer Android phones, using Keep is as simple as saying “OK Google, take a note.” Keep automatically syncs to your Google account, making it easy for you to share your notes with others and to retrieve them later. Google Keep is free and works on almost all Android phones.
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4. JotterPad

Unlike the previous entries, JotterPad is a full text editor. JotterPad focuses on distraction-free writing by providing a simple, no-frills interface. JotterPad provides common word processing functions while focusing on staying out of the way. While JotterPad doesn’t have an autosave feature, it does support syncing to Dropbox. The JotterPad app is available for free with in-app purchases.

5. Write

For those of us who are attached to hand-writing our notes, there’s Write. Write’s interface mimics a traditional college-ruled notebook, making it possible to jot down thoughts or ideas as if you were writing on a sheet of paper. Write supports pressure-sensitive styli, document attachments, comments, different “paper” types, copy/paste and split-screen viewing with a web browser. Write is freely available for Android and all major desktop operating systems.

Keeping your thoughts organized can seem like a daunting task. These apps can help you get on the road to becoming more centered, more organized and more productive.

How Do Free Mobile Apps Make Money?

How Do Free Mobile Apps Make Money

You love your smart phone and the unlimited access you have to free mobile apps, but have you every wondered how developers of mobile apps actually make money from your free download? Apps like Angry Birds report annual revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars. How is this possible? Mobile app developers use several strategies to make money off your free downloads.

How to Plan Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign

Why the Freemium Model Is the Best Option for Newbie App Developers


As the modern adage goes, “if you didn’t pay for it, you are the product”. Mobile app developers are literally selling your eyeballs to the highest bidding advertisers. Downloads essentially amount to traffic, and traffic can be monetized through advertising. Most free apps use advertisements of some kind to make money off downloads.

Premium Versions

Apps often offer a free download of their app (often called the “lite” version) which offers some of the features - but not all of them. The only way to get the full app benefits is to upgrade to their premium version. This is a clever marketing tactic, though developers have to strike a good balance of features offered on each version. The challenge with this tactic is to make the free version appealing enough that people want to use it, but lacking enough that they eventually want to upgrade to the premium version.

In-App Purchases

This model is similar to the “lite vs. premium” model. The basic app is free to download, but if you want to use the app to its fullest extent, you will need to purchase additional features.

Free for a Limited Time

The immensely successful text messaging app WhatsApp offers free downloads, but only for the first year. After that, you have to pay $0.99 annually to renew app access. WhatsApp gives away one year free to convince you that you can’t live without their app. Then they make one dollar per year off you indefinitely. WhatsApp has hundreds of millions of users worldwide and produces enormous revenues through the app renewal fees.

Are Any Apps Truly Free?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so is there any such thing as a free app? Apps can be considered free because you can download and use them without paying any money. Nevertheless, you should be aware of how developers are planning to make money off your download.

6 Free Must-Have Apps for Health-Conscious Android Users

Health-Conscious Android Users
By 2017, diabetic care costs will drop 10 percent due to smartphone use, according to Gartner Research. Then by 2020, an increase of 0.5 years will be added to the life expectancy of people living in developed countries because of the ever-increasing reliance on wireless technologies centered on health monitoring.

5 Great Smartphone Apps for the Fitness Fanatic in Your Life

5 Free Apps That Can Protect Your Eyes When Using Your Android Device

Mobile apps play a huge role in helping people with their health-related goals. Install the right app on your Android smartphone or tablet to track your calorie intake or be reminded of your fitness goals, for example. Here are six useful health apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.

Instant Heart Rate

Using the same principle that governs how medical pulse oximeters work, this amazing app enables you to accurately and quickly measure your heart rate. Because the minute color changes on your fingertips are directly associated with your pulse, all you have to do is to place your index finger’s tip on the camera of your Android device. The free Instant Heart Rate app will then measure your heart rate. It even generates a chart that allows you to track your heart beat in real time. Instant Heart Rate is best used for monitoring your cardio workout and for optimizing your exercise routine.


Lose weight using this trusty diet app. MyFitnessPal is an excellent calorie counter for Android. Set your weight-loss goals, use the handy recipe calculator, track your dieting progress, and more. MyFitnessPal even has a built-in barcode scanner tied to the app’s extensive food database, giving you easy access to the caloric and nutritional information of each food item that you scan.
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B2 Eye Test

B2 Eye Test is a richly featured, ad-supported mobile app for making simple diagnostic eye tests. You can try the app’s six free vision tests in the comfort of your own home. If you find that something’s amiss, visit an eye doctor immediately. The free B2 Eye Test app can test for visual acuity, color blindness, macular degeneration, and more.
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Stress Check

When left unchecked, stress can partly cause diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. So, measure your stress levels in real time and understand the impact of your various stressors. Your Android smartphone has a camera and lighting features that can be harnessed by the right app like Stress Check. Install this innovative digital tool on your phone, and assess your stress levels so you can better control them via stress-relief techniques.


This free app can be invaluable in case of an emergency or whenever you need sound medical information fast. In case of a medical emergency, iTriage gives you information about the nearest hospital or emergency facility, as well as allowing you to check in from your smartphone. iTriage can serve as a doctor locator and a symptom checker, too. It even has a useful medical dictionary feature.


Simple but fully functional, the free Pedometer app enables your ever-present mobile device to record the number of steps you have taken and then estimate how many calories you’ve burned. Pedometer can save and pull up a record of your walk from a previous date and time, helping you to more efficiently track your progress and meet your fitness goals.

5 Free Apps That Prevent Your Android Device from Overheating

Prevent Android from Overheating

Conserve battery power and maximize your battery’s service life by ensuring that it is operating within its ideal temperature range. Having too many apps running at the same time can overheat and quickly drain the battery of your Android smartphone or tablet. The solution: keep the battery of your mobile device in tiptop shape by using an efficient battery-cooling app. Here are five such apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.

How to Fix an Overheating Computer

5 Free Android Apps That Function as Thermometers

EaseUS Coolphone

Sporting an ad-free and well-designed interface, the EaseUS Coolphone app effectively cools down your overheating battery in one tap. To lower battery temperature, the app closes running apps. If you don’t want to perform this battery-cooling task manually, you can set the app in Smart Controller mode, where it automatically closes the Wi-Fi network connection and other background apps when your device is on screen lock.

Master Doctor Droid Cooler

Simple and effective, the free Master Doctor Droid Cooler detects the apps that continuously tax your Android handset’s CPU and enables you to close them all in one tap, effectively lowering the temperature of your mobile device.

Temperature Guard

This ad-supported app keeps your mobile device running within its ideal conditions and prevents injury from thermal runaway, an explosion caused by overheated Li-ion batteries. What the Temperature Guard app does is to constantly monitor your device temperature and warns you when a critical level is reached. Aside from a warning notification, your mobile device’s LED flash will glow red to indicate that a critical temperature has been reached. When that happens, close all apps immediately and allow your device to cool down in a well-ventilated area. This app uses very minimal battery power and system resources, so consider leaving it running in the background as a safety measure.


Coolify is a high-performing app designed for use on rooted devices. Running in the background with very minimal battery consumption, this free app keeps your Android phone or tablet well within its normal operating temperature range by closing all background apps and reducing the usage of system resources while your device is on standby. Coolify also displays the current device temperature in a status bar, so you can view it at a glance.

Cooler Master

Ad-free and richly featured, Cooler Master performs real-time monitoring of your device’s temperature, tells you which apps continuously weigh down your CPU, and enables you to quickly close all those apps that overheat your device. The app offers language support for Chinese and English.

5 Free Android Apps That Function as Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors app

It can sometimes be annoying and time consuming to search for an earring or a tiny metal component you’ve accidentally dropped on the floor. Imagine how easy it would be if you have a metal detector–a handy tool you can get for free if you own an Android smartphone or tablet equipped with a magnetic sensor or magnetometer, which is normally found in most handset models.

Five practical uses of your Android sensors

5 Free Android Apps That Function as Thermometers

You can easily transform your Android device into a portable metal detector if you have the right app. These five apps that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store will lend your Android device a metal detection functionality. Some of these apps can also measure the intensity of magnetic fields. To get accurate readings, watch out for any deviations from the ambient magnetic field strength of approximately 49 microTesla (µT). Be wary of electronic gadgets and home appliances because they can affect your magnetic field readings.

Metal Sniffer

With the Metal Sniffer app properly installed on your mobile device, you can quickly look for concealed wiring behind a wall or iron pipes underneath the ground. You can also use it to locate small, inconspicuous metal objects and magnets. Your smartphone or tablet will vibrate when it detects a ferromagnetic material nearby. The free Metal Sniffer app also allows you generate charts and to export your data readings as a CSV file.

Max Magnetic Field Detector

By sounding an alarm, vibrating, or making the touchscreen color of your device glow red, the free Max Magnetic Field Detector app alerts you whenever there’s metal nearby. It can also measure magnetic field intensity around a machine or a device.

Metal Detector (Satsuma Solutions)

Use Satsuma Solution’s handy Metal Detector app like you would a real metal detector. Open the app, move your Android smartphone or tablet around, and then watch out for fluctuations on the magnetic field level shown on the screen. As you approach the metal object you’re looking for, you’ll see marked changes in the magnetic field strength.

Metal Detector (Lodecode)

Sporting a gorgeous, well-designed user interface, Metal Detector from software developer Lodecode uses your Android device’s built-in compass or magnetometer. Using the app, you get the usual vibration or beeping to signify a nearby ferromagnetic object.

Metal Detector (Smart Tools co.)

This free digital tool for Android has a color-graded display indicating magnetic field strength and the presence of metals in the vicinity of the mobile device. Through an expertly designed and easy-to-use interface, you can also take readings of magnetic field intensity expressed in microTeslas. To activate your device’s sensors upon using this app, point your smartphone or tablet towards the sky and then move it to trace the figure 8 in the air.

5 Free Call Announcing Apps for Your Android Phone

Call Announcing Apps

Your smartphone rings in another room, signaling an incoming call, but your hands are tied at the moment. It may be an important call that you wouldn’t want to miss. How about when you are driving? Wouldn’t it be nice if the caller’s name is announced instead of just the customary ringtone? That way you can tell whether or not the call is important and to park the car so you can answer it. The solution: install a call announcer app on your Android smartphone. Here are five such apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.

5 Free Must-Have Caller ID Apps for Your Android Phone

5 Free and Awesome Call Recorder Apps for Your Android Device

Caller Name Announcer (Satsuma Solutions)

This app relies on Android’s text-to-speech engine. If your phone does not come preloaded with this app, download it from the Google Play store. After installing the free Caller Name Announcer app, set your preferences like your desired text-to-speech rate, volume, and language. When a call comes in, the app says the caller’s name over the ringtone. If the caller is not in your contacts list, the caller’s number is then read aloud. When you receive SMS messages, Caller Name Announcer reads out the sender’s name if it’s in your contacts list, as well as the message content.

Caller Name Speaker

This app works just like Caller Name Announcer. The free Caller Name Speaker app enables you to identify a caller or SMS message sender without touching your Android phone. Easy to use, the app also allows you to selectively activate/deactivate some of its features.

Caller Name Talker (Navan Infosolutions)

Another free and effective call-announcing app that sports a simple and clean user interface, Caller Name Talker does not only voice out the caller’s or SMS sender’s name or read out the message body, it can also alert you regarding current battery levels. Set the specific battery level for which you want to be alerted, and the app would notify you. Note that Android’s text-to-speech engine is required in order for the Caller Name Talker app to work properly.

Caller Name Talker (Passionate Androiden)

Like other call announcing apps, this high-performing, easy-to-use call announcing app from software developer Passionate Androiden requires Android’s text-to-speech engine. If your smartphone does not have it, the app will automatically redirect you to the Google Play store so you can download and install text-to-speech data. Caller Name Talker is ad supported and offers many helpful customization options for receiving spoken alerts.

Notification Announcer

This free Android app does more than speak out callers’ names and SMS message content. Notification Announcer also allows you to choose three apps for which to get spoken notifications for. There’s also an option for the app to voice out only when you are using a headset.

5 Free Must-Have Caller ID Apps for Your Android Phone

Caller ID Apps

Foil spamming attempts and prank calls by unmasking the name and location associated with a phone number that’s been hounding you. Here are five such apps with reverse phone lookup functionality and caller ID that works internationally. Download any of them for free from the Google Play store and install on your Android phone for instant caller identification.

On the Do Not Call Registry but Still Getting Robocalls? Here’s What to Do

5 Free and Awesome Call Recorder Apps for Your Android Device

Mobile Number Locator

This free and lightweight Android app can serve as your caller ID and phone number locator. It can work in offline mode and is equipped with a built-in search engine for which to type the phone number whose name and location you’re trying to find. Mobile Number Locator’s database has extensive coverage across different countries, so you can run it on your Android handset no matter where you are.


The Truecaller app doubles as a caller ID and number-blocking service. That way you can easily get rid of intrusions like calls from known telemarketers, spammers, and unknown numbers. The app enables you to search any phone number regardless of location. Note that the caller ID service needs Wi-Fi or 3G access to work, while the handy SMS blocking functionality does not work with Android 4.4 or KitKat.

True Contact

Like Truecaller, the True Contact app requires Wi-Fi or 3G network connection in order to gain access to True Contact’s servers. Its reverse phone lookup functionality works for both landline and mobile phone numbers. Offering coverage worldwide, this app shows you the caller’s name and location whenever a call comes in. True Contact also updates your contacts list with photos and user data gathered from social networking sites.


Like True Contact, Call App updates your contacts list by including each contact’s social media data gathered from numerous Web-based services. This makes CallApp’s caller ID feature powerful and comprehensive. In CallApp’s database, approximately one billion numbers are available along with their associated personal details. So, it is highly likely that your unknown caller is readily recognizable through the app’s caller ID. The free app also comes with a built-in blocker to filter out unwanted numbers.

Phone Warrior

This excellent all-in-one app has a caller ID, call blocker, and SMS blocker. Phone Warrior maintains an extensive phone number directory for which to cross-reference unknown numbers around the world. However, you need to connect your Android phone to a wireless internet network in order for the app to work properly. The only exception is when you are in India, where Phone Warrior offers offline functionality.

4 Free Android Apps for Taking Photos in Low-Light Conditions

Taking Photos in Low-Light

In poor lighting conditions, even the most advanced cameras in mobile devices yield images that are marred by noise and lack detail especially in the shadows. Don’t let this deter you because you can always extend the limited shooting capability of your Android device’s camera. Simply install an app that helps you to take clear, vividly colored snapshots even when the lighting is inadequate. Here are four camera apps to download for free from the Google Play store and to install on your Android smartphone or tablet, so you can start taking beautifully crisp pictures at night or in low-light conditions.

5 Free Android Apps for Capturing High-Speed Images

4 Essential Pieces of Equipment to Take Your Photography to the Next Level

illumes Lite

This ad-supported camera app brands itself as a “night camera to illuminate the moment.” It enables you to capture good-quality pictures and record clear videos in the dark using your Android phone or tablet. You can even use the app as a digital flashlight tool. Launch the app and then tap to take snapshots. To zoom, press the volume buttons.

Night Camera (Almalence)

Improve your mobile photography by installing the free and wildly popular Night Camera app from software developer Almalence. It elevates the capabilities of your cameraphone to those found in a low-end point-and-shoot camera. There are eleven modes for shooting pictures, which you can try out to find the one that best suits your photographic style. Through the app, you can produce stunning, noise-free photos even when you take them in the dark. This high-performing app has a night vision viewfinder that enables you to capture sharp details even in poorly lit conditions.

Night Camera (Stereo7 Photos)

Simple and easy to use with its one-touch controls, this free app allows you to take snapshots at night or in badly lit areas and still produce low-noise, detailed photos. The app allows you to take photographs at full resolution, which is dictated by the maximum resolution that your camera can process. Launch the Night Camera app from Stereo7 Photos, hold your device steady to prevent blurring, and then tap the Shoot button. To improve the quality of your pictures when it’s dark, use the app’s long exposure functionality.


Use your Android smartphone or tablet to take pictures at night and still get sharply detailed images. The free, ad-supported NightShooting app has a handy auto-focus, an anti-shake shutter to prevent blurring, and a self-timer. Test out the four shooting modes–normal, composite, bulb, and continuous–and take advantage of the in-app photo-editing features. The NightShooting app also allows you to take HD photographs on your Android phone or tablet.

5 Free Apps That Can Protect Your Eyes When Using Your Android Device

Apps Protect Your Eyes

Studies have long demonstrated that nighttime exposure to blue light, whose short wavelength makes it more effective in changing the natural circadian rhythms of humans, can lead to health problems. A Harvard University study, for example, was able to show a possible link to diabetes and light exposure at night.

2 Major Habits That May Be Drying Out Your Eyes

5 Great Smartphone Apps for the Fitness Fanatic in Your Life

Nighttime exposure to light can be difficult to avoid for most people, most especially among those who work night shifts. However, the level of exposure can be minimized by making simple lifestyle changes. Sleeping in total darkness, for instance, promotes wellness. It also helps to do something about mobile device screens, which are notorious for their eye-strain-causing backlight. There are specialized eye-protecting apps designed to filter blue light, which is known to cause retinal damage. Here are five such apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.

Blue Light Filter for Eye Care (HugeTech)

Launch this free app to minimize the glare of blue light from your Android smartphone or tablet. This app offers a variety of soothing screen colors to choose from, as well as a slider for adjusting the brightness level. Even after reducing the amount of blue light emitted by the screen, the Blue Light Filter for Eye Care app still leaves the interface clear and conducive for reading.

Bluelight Filter (Hardy-infinity)

With Bluelight Filter, you can adjust opacity and choose whether or not to apply the filter on the navigation bar. This app is easy to use and can be enabled/disabled in a single tap.

Eye Protector (ABISHKKING)

This free eye-protecting app enables you to selectively filter blue, red, yellow, brown, or black. A slider allows you to adjust your desired filter capacity. Simple yet fully functional, Eye Protector can greatly help in reducing your exposure to the blue light given off by the screen of your Android device.

Bluelight Screen Filter (Softworx)

Bluelight Screen Filter allows you to specify your desired brightness level, opacity, and color to filter out from your screen interface. It also lets you enter the time period for when to activate your color-blocking settings.

Blue Light Screen Filter Plus (Semper Fi)

Offering many different filter colors, customizable color-filtering configurations, and several built-in modes (like “sleep mode” for night viewing, “refresh mode” for relaxing your eyes, etc.), Blue Light Screen Filter Plus can be automatically activated at sunset and deactivated by sunrise. The app also enables you to customize the screen brightness and opacity levels.