4 Free Android Apps for Managing Your Printers Wirelessly

You can always use your Android smartphone or tablet to send documents for printing to a nearby connected printer. All you need to do is to install a mobile app specifically designed to enable wireless printing. Here are four richly featured apps that can help you manage your printers wirelessly with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store and they support many printer models.

Print Hammermill (Aftograf LLC)

This free app’s robust feature set includes mobile scanning for some multi-function printer models, as well as printing via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. From the touchscreen surface of your Android device, you can print image files, email messages and their attachments, Web pages, SMS text messages, your phone’s call log, files from your various cloud accounts, Microsoft Office documents (doc, pdf, ppt, txt, and xls), and many others. (more…)

EBay Hacking Scandal,Is Your Account Secure?

The recent hacking of over 200 million accounts on the world’s largest auction site has raised serious concerns about security. It’s believed hackers were able to access dates of birth, passwords and other personal information. EBay has offered reassurances that financial data of user accounts wasn’t compromised. The fact that a major organisation like eBay can suffer a security breach highlights the need for constant vigilance in all online transactions.
The eBay hacking scandal was made worse due to delays in advising customers of the potential that criminals had access to personal data. It’s believed it took as long as three months for eBay to identify the hacking issue.