5 Free Must-Have SMS Forwarding Apps for Your Android Device

Do you own multiple smartphones and phone numbers but only want to send text messages through one device only? Do you work in front of the computer for hours at a time and would benefit from receiving and responding to SMS text messages on your desktop? Then here are five SMS forwarding apps for Android that you can download for free from the Google Play store. An SMS forwarding app will prove most useful when you are charging one of your mobile phones or traveling to another country but can receive forwarded messages on another handset.

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The richly featured PhoneLeash app allows you to remotely answer SMS text messages from any email address or from another mobile phone. You can also use it to forward MMS to your email address or to another mobile phone number, import text messaging history to your email address, and get an email containing the GPS location of your phone before its battery dies. Another useful feature of PhoneLeash involves giving you the ability to receive notifications whenever your SMS text message is sent, you have missed calls, and your phone is being booted up.

SMS Forwarding

This basic SMS Forwarding app has a clean, intuitive user interface. It enables you to effectively forward SMS text messages from one phone number to another. Just specify your desired filters for getting forwarded messages.

SMS Forwarder (Satsuma Solutions)

Like SMS Forwarding, the free SMS Forwarder app automatically redirects your text messages to any mobile phone number you’ve specified. You can also set filters for when messages should not be redirected.

SMS Forwarder Pro (Zygote Labs)

Sporting a well-designed interface, this free SMS forwarding app allows you to redirect your text messages to an email address or another phone number. The forwarded information includes both contact details and GPS location. Your personal data remains secure throughout the forwarding process because the app offers both SSL and 128-bit AES encryption. What’s truly great about SMS Forwarder Pro is that it can selectively forward messages based on keywords that you specify.


The highly popular MightyText can do more than just forward your SMS text messages. It allows you to use your computer or tablet to simultaneously and efficiently reply to text messages sent to your mobile phone number. MightyText also enables you to send group SMS and MMS on your PC, as well as receive Snapchat, Tinder, Uber, and WhatsApp notifications. MightyText’s many useful features include syncing of the multimedia files from your smartphone to your computer, SMS backup and restore capabilities, call logs, and a built-in dialer for making phone calls on your desktop or tablet.
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  1. Does it allow us to forward messages upto a desired limit of contacts in one go like if I want 300 recipients . As whatsapp is currently not allowing more than 5.
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  5. The automatic forwarding of messages can raise privacy issues. Users should ensure they have the necessary permissions and are not infringing on anyone’s privacy.

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