4 Free Android Apps for Managing Your Printers Wirelessly

You can always use your Android smartphone or tablet to send documents for printing to a nearby connected printer. All you need to do is to install a mobile app specifically designed to enable wireless printing. Here are four richly featured apps that can help you manage your printers wirelessly with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store and they support many printer models.

Print Hammermill (Aftograf LLC)

This free app’s robust feature set includes mobile scanning for some multi-function printer models, as well as printing via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. From the touchscreen surface of your Android device, you can print image files, email messages and their attachments, Web pages, SMS text messages, your phone’s call log, files from your various cloud accounts, Microsoft Office documents (doc, pdf, ppt, txt, and xls), and many others.

CloudPrint (Google, Inc.)

Google’s highly popular Cloud Print app lets you operate a connected printer through your Android smartphone or tablet. You can direct and track the status of printing jobs on any printer you’ve connected to the Cloud Print app–meaning, you can manage your printer at home through your mobile device even when you are somewhere else. Useful app features include a page preview and an easy-to-tap printer control menu. To add more functionality to the basic features of Cloud Print, consider pairing it with another printing app like Easy Cloud Print from software developer Flipdog Solutions.

Easy Cloud Print (Flipdog Solutions, LLC)

This ad-supported app lends your mobile office maximum flexibility by allowing you to manage printer jobs from your Android phone or tablet. Integrate it first with Google’s Cloud Print app, connect your mobile device to the internet, and start managing your printers. With Easy Cloud Print, you can print files saved in your other Android devices, Facebook messages, documents from your cloud accounts, Web pages, SMS text messages, and calendar. The app also enables you to remotely manage queued print jobs and share printers.

PrinterShare (Mobile Dynamix)

With PrinterShare, simply connect your Android device through Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network and then start printing digital documents and images from the Web, your various cloud accounts, or SD card. This app makes it easy for you to configure the page orientation, paper size, as well as print color and resolution. The free PrinterShare app supports numerous printer models, including those manufactured by Brother, Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak , Lexmark, and Samsung.

Embrace the wonders of cloud solutions today and enhance your mobile office productivity. Start with extending the functionality of your Android device by installing the right app for your wireless printing needs.

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