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Start Podcasting to Increase Your Business Reputation and Reach

As a business owner, you are constantly looking for innovative ways to reach an audience. Podcasts are fairly common nowadays, but they still represent a way of building a solid relationship with a large number of potential customers. While many people will be reluctant to begin podcasting, this article details a simple plan to get your podcast off the ground. Continue reading

Why Small Businesses Need Crms

CRMSmall businesses should always be looking for ways to improve the administration of the company. Whilst many software packages have features that allows a small business to invoice, keep records and list clients, few are integrated and therefore, take time to manage. This article demonstrates how CRM systems can help small businesses make larger profits and deliver continuous customer satisfaction. Continue reading

10 Tips for Marketing Your Mobile App on a Budget

Marketing Your Mobile App
With the popularity of mobile app development, getting exposure for your product can be difficult. It is rare for an app to go viral without any kind of marketing push, but it is still possible to generate interest without spending a lot on advertising. This article looks at 10 marketing techniques that won’t cost much to implement but can be very effective. Continue reading

How to Use Your Blog to Become an Authority


For many entrepreneurs, a blog can often become an afterthought on their website. Everyone starts with good intentions, but new posts soon become less frequent, quality declines, and visitors stop returning. This decline is often because the entrepreneur doesn’t really know what they want their blog to be and, subsequently, it has no focus at all. However, if you know how to craft and focus your blog, becoming a leader in your market is almost a certainty. You can become the go-to authority in your industry, leading to new opportunities with your own products and services. Continue reading

How to Create Fresh Leads Through Social Media Marketing

Fresh Leads
If your business concentrates partially or primarily on online sales, you already know that online marketing is a crucial part of your sales funnel. If you’ve been hesitant about taking your business into the world of social media, it’s time to get over your fears and get involved. A strong social media presence can dramatically improve your online notoriety and bring you tons of new leads. Here are some helpful principles. Continue reading

How Inbound Marketing Increases Lead Generation: Five Best Practices for Landing Pages

Landing PagesMost marketers know that inbound marketing increases lead generation. However, they don’t know exactly how this process works or how they should implement these tactics with their own content. This article takes marketers through five best practices to use while developing and revising landing pages.

It is well established that landing pages and their lead-capture forms are two of the most crucial components of inbound marketing,how to increase your lead generation. Without these features, marketers would have a much smaller chance of converting website visitors into leads and generating reconversions. As landing pages allow you to direct site visitors to targeted pages, marketers can capture leads at a significantly higher rate than other types of website forms. Continue reading

Building a Storefront in WordPress in Seven Easy Steps

Storefront in WordPress

Setting up a storefront on the web can be intimidating for most small businesses. There was a time when it was indeed difficult and required a lot of technical know-how or patience to put a web-store together.

Today, though, nothing could be easier. And with more people than ever out there buying goods on the Internet, there is a vast untapped market for any small business with a killer product but a small geographic reach.

You can put together a storefront which will compete with the largest companies on the web in less than a day. The secret to this easy, profitable idea is WordPress. Continue reading

5 Free Must-Have Apps for Scanning Documents on Your Android Device

Android scanner Minimize clutter by digitizing old documents and paperwork using your Android smartphone or tablet. Installing the right app enables you to turn your Android device into a portable document scanner. Here are five remarkable examples of apps that can harness your device’s camera to quickly scan just about anything and then transform scanned images into PDF or other usable files. These apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. Continue reading

3 Tips for Rock-Solid Online Product Advertising

Online Product Advertising
When Google introduced the Product Listing Ad in 2009, it was a game changer. Retailers no longer needed to rely on text snippets to entice their customers. They could now create customized ads that showcased product images and prices in search results. As a result, an overwhelming number of online retailers have embraced the Product Listing Ad concept. The incredible success of Google’s product ads have since inspired other companies such as Amazon, eBay and even competing search engine Bing to follow suit. Continue reading

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew When You’re Building an App

Building an App
Lots of creative entrepreneurs have entered the mobile app market. Inspired by the success of Instagram, Twitter or even Flappy Bird, app creators often have lofty expectations for their products. When you think about the eventual trajectory of your app, you might be tempted to build something that can handle an enormous amount of traffic and users immediately. However, you would be sadly mistaken. Continue reading