5 Reasons Why Every Charity Organization Should Have A Blog

charityThrough regular blog entries, you can tell your organization’s story and capture the hearts and imaginations of readers. Here are some reasons a blog can act as the bridge between your charity and the community it serves:


A blog offers a window into the inner workings of an organization. It allows readers to understand the dedication of the staff members and volunteers who passionately work for a cause with so little in return.


Blog entries can reveal results of initiatives. This will show donors that their contributions count.


Blogs increase awareness to causes. Profiles on individuals a charity serves help readers to have a deeper understanding of challenges that the individuals face and inspire potential donors to make contributions and spread the word.


A blog can be an immediate call to action. Whether the need is for fund drives or calls for volunteers, every blog post can end with a donation request, or a link to more information on how to donate time.


A blog can raise your social media profile by earning regular email subscribers and providing content to post on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The more content you post, the more awareness increases about your cause and your organization. A blog can act as the heart of an organization’s social media activity.

The way to convince a community to contribute to charities and nonprofits is to make the community care about them. Blogging gives an opportunity for a nonprofit to reach out to its community so the community can reach out to it.

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