10 Great Apps for Your Windows Phone

Enhance your Windows Phone mobile experience by loading the device with a repertoire of nifty apps. Here are ten excellent mobile software grabs you can use to add more functionality to your smartphone.


Don’t miss any of your important deadlines. Equip your Windows Phone with 627.AM, an app that serves as a digital organizer. Keep track of alarms, appointments, and memos. You can also use to synchronize your scheduled meetings with the app’s weather alert capability.


CamScanner is an app that efficiently transforms your smartphone into a scanner. Keep a photographic record of letters, photos, and receipts by scanning them with your CamScanner-ready Windows Phone. After processing, you can then organize the scanned documents in your SkyDrive account.


Do you need a handy light source? Download the Flashlight-X app for your Windows Phone. Aside from serving as a continuous light source, Flashlight-X comes with an SOS mode that blinks to indicate emergencies. The app also contains a compass that works independently of your network signal strength.


With the Netflix app, you can turn your smartphone into a mini video entertainment console. Watch episode after episode of your favorite TV shows and movies. There’s nothing like anytime-anywhere mobile viewing to satisfy your craving for video entertainment.

Nextgen Reader

Nextgen Reader is a wonderful RSS reader for your Windows Phone. This app works fast and has a clean, streamlined interface, ensuring a comfortable news reading experience.


The Photosynth app allows you to make and share panoramas generated from numerous images stitched together into a dramatic wraparound picture. Get creative with Photosynth in your smartphone and create gorgeous vistas from photos of your daily life and travels.


Take your files with you anywhere you go. Access them through your internet-connected smartphone. SkyDrive is Microsoft’s version of Dropbox and Google Drive. When you sign up for a Microsoft account, you will receive a free seven-gigabyte storage space in the cloud. The SkyDrive app allows you to download, upload, and view your personal digital files through your Windows Phone.


Skype is Microsoft’s $8.5-billion acquisition in 2011. The widely popular collaboration and video conferencing application does not disappoint. Go on a Skyping spree in your Windows Phone and take advantage of its cross-platform video chatting capabilities.


The Twitter app comes in different flavors: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Leverage mobile social media and know about current Twitter trending topics through this awesome app.


This weather client offers a quick weather update on the home screen of your Windows Phone. The app has a classy minimalist user interface design and comes with support for a locked screen. With Weatherflow in your smartphone, you’ll never be caught unprepared by bad weather.

By K. Ong

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