A Look at the Free AVG Virus Protection Program

No matter what you use your computer for, it is important to keep it secure from viruses and other malicious software programs.  Hackers and other criminals release thousands of these nefarious programs into the wilds of the Internet every single day, and without the right protection in place your computer could become infected within seconds.  Fortunately, there are a number of excellent free anti-virus programs on the market, and AVG has long been a leader in that field.

The AVG free anti-virus software package is easy to install, very lightweight in terms of system resources and very powerful.  Over the years users have found that this free program has been able to detect just about every virus threat out there, as long as the scheduled updates are run consistently.

With the free version of AVG users can easily schedule full system scans at the time of day they choose.  Being able to schedule the scans is a very important feature, since the computer does tend to bog down while the scan is running.  Users can tell that the scan is running because there will be a small arrow superimposed over the four color block AVG icon in the system tray.  Users with AVG free and a high speed Internet connection would be well served to schedule their scans for the middle of the night.

While AVG is a powerful anti-virus program that provides excellent and consistent protection, many users do not like the frequent upgrade reminders the company sends out.  Like so many providers of freeware and shareware products, AVG does sell an upgraded version of its anti-virus program.  This enhanced program is an entire security suite, including protection from spyware, adware and other threats as well as virus protection.  Users who choose to remain with the free product and get their spyware protection elsewhere will have to put up with these periodic upgrade reminders.

It can also be a bit of a task to find the free version of AVG at the main AVG website. As would be expected, the company heavily promotes the pay versions of its programs, and that can make finding the free one a bit of a challenge.

All in all, AVG is an excellent program for those who are looking for free anti-virus protection they can trust.  The program is easy to install, easy to use, and the price is certainly right.


No matter what you use your computer for, it is important to keep it secure from viruses and other malicious software programs.  Hackers and other criminals release thousands of these nefarious programs into the wilds of the Internet every single day, and without the right protection in place your computer could become infected within seconds.  Fortunately, there are a number of excellent free anti-virus programs on the market, and AVG has long been a leader in that field.

The AVG free anti-virus software package is easy to install, very lightweight in terms of system resources and very powerful.  Over the years users have found that this free program has been able to detect just about every virus threat out there, as long as the scheduled updates are run consistently.

With the free version of AVG users can easily schedule full system scans at the time of day they choose.  Being able to schedule the scans is a very important feature, since the computer does tend to bog down while the scan is running.  Users can tell that the scan is running because there will be a small arrow superimposed over the four color block AVG icon in the system tray.  Users with AVG free and a high speed Internet connection would be well served to schedule their scans for the middle of the night.

While AVG is a powerful anti-virus program that provides excellent and consistent protection, many users do not like the frequent upgrade reminders the company sends out.  Like so many providers of freeware and shareware products, AVG does sell an upgraded version of its anti-virus program.  This enhanced program is an entire security suite, including protection from spyware, adware and other threats as well as virus protection.  Users who choose to remain with the free product and get their spyware protection elsewhere will have to put up with these periodic upgrade reminders.

It can also be a bit of a task to find the free version of AVG at the main AVG website. As would be expected, the company heavily promotes the pay versions of its programs, and that can make finding the free one a bit of a challenge.

All in all, AVG is an excellent program for those who are looking for free anti-virus protection they can trust.  The program is easy to install, easy to use, and the price is certainly right.

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