Apple Vs. Android

The average consumer gets a new phone once every two years. Lately, that statistic is changing dramatically due to the fact that phones are starting to come out more often than ever. Because of this, keeping the same phone for two years means it is very outdated, and people are getting newer phones faster. Making the choice between getting an Android or an iPhone is a tough decision, but based on your needs, the choice can be much easier.


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To start off, Apple and Android have much different viewpoints on their operating systems and how the users should use them. This may make your decision here alone. Apple is notorious for shutting out their users from their operating system, iOS, so to speak. This means that they do not allow much tinkering around with the technical aspects of the software. You cannot access file storage through the phone, you cannot change your software, etc. Apple is just hoping to have users see that they don’t need to do any of that and their iPhones and software “just work”. Android is the opposite in this aspect. Android is based off of an open sourced software, meaning anybody can have access to all of the drivers and files that make up Android’s software. This allows for massive customization and tweaks for developers. Android allows access to file storage, unlocking bootloaders, and more freedom for development.

If you are the type of person that likes to change every aspect of their phone to make it better in their eyes, Android is most likely better for you. If you like your phone to have a few solid options but everything works great and is unified, then Apple is probably your choice.

Since Android is more open to development, they allow many more apps to pass through into the Google Play Store. This sounds great, but it can cause a lot of problems. There are thousands of apps that were made years ago on much older Android versions. Often times, the app developers stopped updating that app, but because it’s so old and got much more time to get good ratings, it always shows up under the “Top Apps” section. This allows many of the top apps that people download to be very outdated and with an unfriendly user interface, even when there are many other better apps out.

On the Apple App Store, they have strict guidelines for developers to follow before an app can be released. This is a huge benefit that iPhones have over Androids. All iPhone apps look unified because they have similar user interfaces. It gives iPhones more of a polished feel on a daily basis.

Another big difference between the two companies is their actual phones. Android software runs on thousands of different phones. This means that if you don’t like the first Android phone you pick up, you have a massive amount of different choices. With Apple, you have one choice: the iPhone. Granted, there are different versions, but they are all iPhones. They do have a very premium feel and build quality, and iPhones are very stable and easy to use phones. The best way to tell which one you prefer to use is to actually use one. Go to a store and test some out or find a friend and ask to try their phone. Not one phone is best for everyone.

In the end, the choice is yours. Picking between the two is hard but you’ll be happy either way. They are both great now and just getting better with every update.

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