Cisco – A World Leader in Networking Solutions

Cisco Systems, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is widely-known globally for its expertise in the field of designing, developing, and manufacturing networking systems. The company’s products are used for online connectivity, collaboration, and communication. Cisco also carries out pioneer work in the field of scloud service. The company has grown through organic growth and acquisitions. It was formed in 1984 and serves in a wide range of enterprise and consumer markets markets.


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Products And Services Offered

The company mainly provides networking solutions. Cisco offers a broad range of products targeted towards corporate, retail, and personal user markets. It also offers hardware, allied software. and holds a leading position in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services. Apart from its products and services, the company also provides training and development services to facilitate the proper use of its technologies.

Cisco is also developing in the upcoming and promising cloud market. Under its Systems Management Services division, the company offers round-the-clock technical support to its clients and works toward resolving critical network issues. This division also provides network architecture services to help companies scale their computing resources.

In addition, Cisco produces router hardware. The various products that fall under this category are shipped throughout the globe. The company is a leader in this area and serves a wide range of markets for these products. Within this group category, the company has developed various niche markets and mainly serve corporate and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). It also produces various types of routers to include cloud routers, mobile internet routers, branch routers, and mobile internet routers.

Under its Optical Network Management unit, Cisco provides optical networking solutions. Its product range includes Packet Optical Transport Systems and core solution products.

Another main area of expertise for Cisco is its Data Center and Virtualization Services. Data virtualization involves the design of efficient systems for distributing and handling big data as well as the use of cloud environments. With data virtualization, organizations can ensure reliable access to data as well as the efficient utilization of resources such as time and money. Cisco offers fast, robust virtualization services through its integrated data virtualization platform.

Cisco is also moving forward in its VOIP segment. The company carried out several high profile acquisitions in the past to gain prominence in the field. Currently, it serves both the enterprise and home user market. The company has major clients like UPC and Cablevision for its VoIP services. The company strives to provide rigorous customer care services for all its products and services to avoid breakdown.
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Social Responsibility

The company operates various Network Emergency Response Vehicles (NERVs) for responding to any public and natural crisis. These vehicles are outfitted with wired and wireless services such as radio interoperability and Hi-def video conferencing to provide communication during an emergency crisis. These vehicles are deployed in San Jose, California and North Carolina.

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