Downloading music online

Hardly anyone pays for music nowadays. And a lot of friends have asked me how I find the music I’m looking for. Its actually quite easy. There’s several different ways, some more complicated then others. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

File Sharing Sites

Believe it or not google is your friend when it comes to finding free music. You just have to know the correct “algorithim” to search for it.
My personal favorite way is this “(NAME OF BAND) (NAME OF ALBUM) Mediafire” and if nothing comes up you can replace “Mediafire” with “4shared” or “wupload” and so on and so forth.
There is also a site that does a lot of this for you and it’s called all you have to do is enter the name of the band or album you want and they will look at all the major file sharing sites for you and give you the links to download them.


While Bittorent may be faster in some cases it also comes with a bigger risk. You’re more likely to get caught stealing if you torrent a file. But the chances are pretty slim either way.
First off you need to find a bittorrent client. A client is a program that interprets a torrent file (described below) and tells your computer where to download it from. My personal favorite torrent client is uTorrent ( But if you do a quick Google search you can find some other ones as well.
Then you need to find the actual torrents. To do this you need to use a torrent search engine, or tracker. I almost always use PirateBay ( since its one of the more popular places people post torrents. Or you can use ( once you search for and find the file just click on the red magnet and it will automatically open up your torrent client and start downloading. Or click on “Save torrent” or the equivalent depending on what tracker your using and then go to your client and click “file” and then “add torrent”. If your client doesn’t use those exact words it will at least be very similar.
And that’s it! Those are the two most popular and easy ways to get whatever music you want without paying for it! Now go out and try it and let me know what you think.

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