How to: Jailbreak an iPhone,iPad,iPad mini

There’s no denying the mass appeal of iOS devices, but many users feel constricted by Apple’s walled garden. For them, jailbreaking is an essential part of the iOS experience. Whenever there’s a new iOS update, it takes a while for the corresponding jailbreak to follow. But times have changed, because a jailbreak was right on the heels of the latest iOS 6.1 update. This is good news for owners of iPhone, iPad mini, iPad 4 and iPad Touch 5G.

Use the method outlined below to quickly and easily jailbreak your iOS device. Older devices such as the iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and others can also be jailbroken using this method.

Backup Your Data

Preserve your precious data before you jailbreak by running a backup on iTunes. This is usually done automatically whenever you plug into iTunes, but make sure that all your media is safely stored on your computer before you jailbreak. Once the jailbreak is complete you’ll just need to restore your data.

Update your Device

Your device must first be updated to the latest version of iOS before you start the jailbreak process. To update you’ll simply need to plug in to iTunes where you’ll be prompted to run the iOS 6.1 update. This is also a great time to update to the latest iTunes version if you haven’t already done so.

The update will complete without a hitch as long as your device is not already jailbroken, but if it is the iOS update will fail.

There’s no reason to panic. iTunes will run a recovery and update iOS which will reset the phone to factory settings with the updated iOS. Don’t sync the device, at least not for now. Setup the device with Wi-Fi and proceed to the home screen.

Passcode: Before proceeding to the actual jailbreak, you’ll need to disable any unlock passcode on your device because it will conflict with evasi0n.

Jailbreak your iOS Device

With your device updated, unlock passcode removed, and a compatible version of evasi0n on your desktop, follow the steps below.

Close iTunes completely. You can also reboot the device just to make sure that it is completely closed.
Connect your iOS device to your PC using a USB cable and run the evasi0n software when your device detects it.
Click Jailbreak and follow the onscreen instructions.
Evasi0n will go to work injecting the jailbreak into the device.
The process will take about 10 minutes and you’ll receive an on-screen notification when the process is completed.

You now have a jailbroken device!
Tip: If the software hangs for any reason, simply exit the jailbreak, reboot the phone and restart the process. Use the Task Manager if evasi0n doesn’t close on its own.

Restore Your Device

Your next step should be to restore your data by plugging into iTunes. You’ll only need to do this if your device was previously jailbroken.


You’ll now see the jailbreak app store, Cydia, as a permanent fixture on your home screen. Browse the store and grab some of the cool apps for your device.

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