How You Can Attract Donors Through Social Media

If you will connect with family members or friends on social websites, you will be able to use this for your own benefit when trying to raise some money for charity. In most cases, you will be able to use this type of websites to ask various individuals to make donations to your own cause, mostly in situations such as runs or walks where you have to find sponsors. There are websites you may use to reach out individuals who may be interested in your cause and who you might not know them personally. Every penny will add up, even if they will donate a single dollar.

1. Start by setting up your donation website through the organization you work with. Fill all the info, so anyone who may be interested will have all the details. This will also mean sharing why your cause is so important, and what you will be doing with the money. You should explain how people may donate money as well. Among the best possible ways is to accept money through online processing systems.

2. You should post the link on Facebook or any other social site. Post the link on your profile page, and then add a specific message where you can ask people if they would be interested in donating money. Offer details what the actual event will be about and what the specific cause is. Ask all of your friends on Facebook to share the link with their own friends. Facebook will enable a feature by a single click of a “Share” button. You may send your link as an event where you can ask people to check out your charity web page as well.

3. If you already have a Twitter social account, you can also send the link to your friends there. You can post at the end of your message or link the “Please RT” expression, so they may share your link with their own followers. Another great way to reach out to various people interested in donations will be to look for a few keywords or phrases which are related to your own cause. For instance, if you are doing a walk or run for, let`s say, diabetes, you should search “diabetes” and then send your link as an @ reply to everyone that you find talking about this disease. Most people will make even a small donation if they are really interested in this issue.

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