Opening Microsoft Outlook .Pst Email Files Without Outlook

Office has been a mainstay of the Microsoft franchise for more than two decades. Microsoft Office has woven it’s way deep into the world’s businesses, and has become a standard among workers. Having standardized on Microsoft Office allows workers to easily transport their basic communication skills from one workplace to another, rather than having to learn a new system. Using Excel or Word at Company ensure that when a worker moves to Company B, they can be productive very quickly.

Microsoft Office Outlook is part of the Office Suite, yet it is the application most likely to not be available at a new company. As email increasingly migrates to the web, Outlook is under threat as never before. Microsoft has been fighting back with Office 365 and, but competition for enterprise email users is now fierce for email users from web-based email providers like Gmail.

People possessing Outlook .pst files that contain their email history, but who may no longer have access to Microsoft Outlook, can use an email viewer such as Pst Viewer Pro to view, search and print their legacy email messages. PstViewer Pro’s skinnable interface can even partially mimic the Outlook 2013 experience.

Pst Viewer Pro is a complete and self-contained Windows application for accessing the contents emails stored as .pst, .ost, .msg, and .eml files. Outlook is not required for opening email messages. Access or bulk extract email file attachments directly to your hard disk, or convert email messages .PST to .PDF format.

Opening a .PST file

Pst Viewer Pro does not depend upon the presence of Microsoft Outlook or MAPI to parse the emails in the .pst file. To open a .pst file with Pst Viewer Pro, first install and start the software. You can obtain a free trial from the Pst Viewer Pro product website.

Next, use the folder navigation on the left side of the page to locate the .pst file. Click on it, and the folder structure of the .pst file will be revealed. Click on the top folder to read in all of the email messages into the mail list. Click on any message to see it’s contents.

Maybe there is a certain email you want to locate among all of the thousands of messages in the .pst file. A “Quick Search” function lets you search through all messages to find those that match your query. An Advanced Search lets you find messages based on a more specific search criteria, such as a setting a date range, or only searching specific fields.

Search Outlook .pst files using advanced settings, such as setting a date range or searching specific email fieldsPst Viewer Pro can read not only Outlook .pst email files, but also Outlook .ost files. It also reads individual email messages that are formatted as .msg and .eml email files, also .mht files.