Which Text Messaging Android App To Use?

Several years ago their was a large trend in the app making world to make an app that would allow users to send text messages for free. You used to only be able to send text messages from the apps via an email address, each user would be assigned their own unique address to send texts from, and it worked quite well. But as the evolution of apps usually go they started getting better and better. Now most apps allow you to send messages and you receive a unique “phone number” to send messages from, which is in turn easier for the person your texting to remember how to contact you and add you to their contact list. So now the question is, which app should you use? I have chosen my personal top three choices and here they are…

Google Voice

Google came out with the Voice product several years ago and it has just become more and more useful. Personally this is my top choice because you receive a custom area code number for your region, it allows you to send texts from a Chrome extension, your browser, android app, or a mobile site for iPhone users. And with the addition of being able to call out and receive calls in Gmail, or using GrooveIP straight from your android phone or android powered device.

Text Free

My second choice is from a company called Pinger Inc. They have produced several apps over the years but by far their most popular app is Text Free. This was actually the first app I ever used to send a text message back in early 2009. They also allow you to get a number based on your local area code, and they have a web client. The only advantage you receive using Text Plus over Google Voice is the addition of a native iOS app. And you can also receive calls on the iOS application, as of now you cannot on the Android version of the app.

Text Plus

Text Plus is very similar to Text Free, but I find Text Free’s browser client more usable and a bit simpler. Text Plus also has a bit more intrusive advertisements then Text Free. But it is still worth mentioning and is also available on both the Android and iOS markets.
No matter which app you choose to use you’ll be better off then not having any text messaging at all, and another bonus is that there are no monthly bills! Have fun and enjoy your free text messaging!

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