Why Online Social Networking Has a Positive Effect

Each and every day, millions after millions of people of all over the world will use social network websites to get in touch with “friends” they have probably never personally seen or met, and business contacts they have never seen. But a lot of people will question the effects of social networking in our own lives and may wonder which are the positive effects of it.

We Will Forever Keep in Touch

The advent of social networking websites such as Twitter or Facebook, among many others, had made it really easy for people to manage to stay connected with other individuals they may have met in kindergarden and to stay up to date on common events which may happen in the lives of individuals they may have lost touch with otherwise. “In the case of website like Twitter or Facebook, you are actually a lot more connected with individuals that otherwise you never would be,” according to a certain article on

An Opportunity for the Socially Handicapped

Another great advantage of online social networking will be that it will happen using a computer screen – a shield which will allow shy individuals to really express themselves fear of being rejected and for individuals who have low self-esteem when meeting new people. Another related article on is saying that “taking away the “physical” aspect to start with might even make the actual relationship less shallow.”

Romantic Relationships

Additionally to individuals who meet and start dating over the internet, online social networking will allow individuals in relationships to keep contact when separated by long distances or to have long conversations using online voice chat or instant messaging clients without having to pay enormous phone bills.

New Avenues for News

The development of online social networking has built new sources of info for individuals who aren`t controlled by the world`s leaders or the mass media as well. Facebook or Twitter accounts can deliver something rather interesting about a certain celebrity who may have made something really cool or surprising. Online social networking users offer private service reviews, “citizen journalism and how-to guides.

Strengthening Local Communities

Another great advantage of online social networking is made relevant in local communities of individuals who will exist mostly offline. The article “Internet interactions have positive effects for real-life local communities” on the College of Indiana News Bureau site will suggest that online social networking, user-driven content or online communication over the internet will build “ties which bind for offline local communities.”

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