Why Your Business Needs Secure Software for Fulfillment

Fulfillment is now commonly associated with e-commerce. An online store can have numerous orders that must be filled as soon as possible in order to satisfy the growing list of customers. An online business owner has two options when it comes to fulfillment and distribution: outsource or in-house. Choosing the right software with the proper security can help a business owner rise above his competition.

Outsource Or In-House?

There are fulfillment firms which offer end-to-end services. They get the products from the warehouse then pack them and have the shipping company pick the orders up for delivery to respective clients. They also send email communications to clients to inform them about the status of their orders. Some companies also offer credit card processing, inventory monitoring and restocking, as well as taking care of sales returns. As there are various companies offering such services, a reliable and legitimate full-service fulfillment company can be found through referral. Shipping of the orders are often coursed through reliable couriers like UPS and FedEx.

The very common question of most e-commerce entrepreneurs is whether to outsource fulfillment and distribution or have them completed in-house. Experts agree that outsourcing is only viable if the entrepreneur has the budget for it. Otherwise, he has to do it in-house. Setting up a fulfillment and distribution in-house or outsourcing them shouldn’t eat up more than 10% of the aggregate sales, excluding the actual costs for shipping.

Using A Fulfillment Software In In-house Fulfillment And Distribution Operations

A fulfillment software is an application used by e-commerce entrepreneurs to automate the whole process of order fulfillment. It ensures that each order is completed immediately with optimal level of accuracy. It even includes billing to make sure that a customer’s order is effectively fulfilled.

Features And Functionalities Of An Effective Order Fulfillment Software

An order fulfillment application automates the fulfillment process from start to the end. It includes a quote system wherein the software user generates a quote and sends it to the customer. If the quote is approved by the buyer, the order fulfillment process runs its course.

The build-to-forecast or made-to-stock functionality is for mass-produced products which aren’t customizable in nature and have great demand. The order fulfillment software has recurring billing cycles which handle sales and purchasing requirements. The make-to-order or build-to-order feature, on the other hand, is for products which are only made when there’s an order. Products in this category are often standardized and non-customizable. Unlike recurring billing, this functionality offers project-based billing.

The assemble-to-order functionality is for products with available components and assembled when ordered. Customization is limited only to the available parts. Engineer-to-order, on the other hand, provides utmost customization. The order fulfillment software provides time-based billing for such products.

Aside from billing, the order fulfillment software also has financial transactions flexibility so that cash flow isn’t compromised. Billing errors can be prevented with the use of the software. For all financial transactions there should be an SSL connection. This means Secure Sockets Layer. SSL encryption safeguards client information such as credit card number on file, bank on files, or other pertinent financial data.

How To Choose An Order Fulfillment Software

In choosing a software, it is important that the entrepreneur knows his products and processes well because his choice of software will depend heavily on them. If his business greatly depends on price quotes then he has to choose an order fulfillment software which offers a detailed billing system. On the other hand, if his business manufactures or customizes products then his choice of order fulfillment software must be able to highlight such detailed processes. He may also require a detailed time-billing feature. Whatever his requirement may be, he must search for an order fulfillment software which can be a great match to his need.

Security is a key factor in making a software decision. Without significant security, client orders and information can be compromised. Identity theft is still high, even without massive media coverage as in the past. Secure encryption options for soft ware is important. When clients log in to their accounts, they need to know their financial information is safe.

Fulfillment software that is web based usually includes SSL encryption and safety from behind multiple firewalls. While there are hacks determined to break into many secure sites for the fun of it, strong security from web based or cloud based software offers more safety than physical servers on-site. Off-site software solutions may give business owners not only safety, but savings in cold, hard cash. No firewall software needs to be purchased, no extra staff for IT departments, and reduced loss of data.

What Is Version 8 Warehouse Management Solution?

Version 8 is a business application which offers flexibility to its users. It is a user-friendly software which serves the needs of small and large enterprises. It is capable of managing different warehouses as well as different types of order fulfillment. An enterprise can take advantage of this software and allow multiple users access to it. It offers flexibility in terms of kitting as it is capable of handling pre-building and build-on-demand intricacies. Print on demand and the usual hardcopy fulfillment capabilities are also incorporated in the software. It is also able to prepare master pick or individual pack and ship documents. Order structure and ship criteria can be determined by the user.

Real-time inventory process tracking is the main advantage of Version 8. Because the software is web-based, reports can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Order history and warehouse activity monitoring are also major features of the order fulfillment software. In order to keep the inventory at highly profitable levels, Version 8 offers the auto-replenishment functionality. This application offers the best advantage as it provides real value in the optimization of every warehousing and order fulfillment process.

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