3 Subscriptions Offers for Recurring Online Income

Subscriptions OffersThere are countless different business opportunities available online, but anyone thinking of starting a new business should consider using a subscription model. Even established businesses might benefit from adding subscription elements to their offer, with plenty of opportunities for increased revenue. The subscription model offers the kind of stability that single purchase offers struggle to provide. This stability, along with a proven track record of recurring payments, will make a successful subscription business highly attractive to investors or buyers.

Automatic Renewal

A subscription business with automatic renewal is particularly enticing because there is no defined end date. If customers are happy with the service you are providing, the recurring payments will keep on rolling in month by month. In order to create a subscription service without a defined term, you need to create a business where the value you provide remains consistent. Services like Netflix or Amazon Prime offer you access to their ever-expanding catalogue of content, so there is no reason to abruptly end a subscription based on the quality of the product. If you own a website, hosting is something you will need on a consistent basis, so automatic renewal provides convenience and reliability.

Fixed Contract

Depending on the market, fixed contracts can sometimes be more effective than a renewal with no end date. Asking people to sign up to a recurring payment can be difficult, with most people understandably preferring a single payment, but a fixed contract makes clear the amount a person will pay. Fixed contracts can work well for training courses in industries like business, finance, or fitness. Customers will often pay the recurring cost because they understand that over the length of the contract they will get the results they desire. While people would prefer to pay a single charge, they understand that certain products require ongoing support.

Multi-Level Membership Site

With any recurring subscription service, customers will want to drop out, either temporarily or permanently. Regardless of the quality of the service, sometimes customers have other priorities or need to allocate their funds elsewhere. In order to keep users active and engaged, a multi-level membership site can often be the best option. There are various ways to manage this type of site, but commonly people will join at the free level, before progressing to a paid membership. There could be various paid membership options, allowing people to maintain some freedom with the service they require, but still remaining engaged with the service.

Which Service is Right for Your Business?

The subscription model you choose might be dependent on your overall business, including the stage your business is in. At times, you might be attempting to maximize revenue, while at another stage you might want to enter a growth phase and add new subscribers. If you have an evergreen product that is proving popular with customers, the automatic renewal service can be effective. The fixed contract option may suit a service where it is difficult to justify a long-term ongoing payment. Multi-level memberships can work when you have created a valuable service, but convincing people to join is proving difficult.
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A subscription model won’t be appropriate for every business, and it is unwise to be lured in by the possibility of repeat payments when you can’t deliver the service. However, if you can create a subscription offer that has long-term value, maintains a high level of output, and is appreciated by the users, a recurring payment option is the optimal business. The difficulty and cost of recruiting new customers is a constant problem for any business, so the predictable income produced through your subscribers can make the difference between a success and a failure.

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