3 Customer Service Mobile Apps That Enable Video Chat

3 Customer Service Mobile Apps
In the age of Web-enabled mobile devices, rich media content, and widespread availability of fast Wi-Fi, more and more of your customers will come to expect video conferencing on mobile customer service helpdesks as the norm. In fact, by 2018, over 100 of the 500 largest global firms will have video chat as a component of their customer interactions, according to a Gartner study.

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Video chat enables your well-trained agents to proffer relevant and helpful content to customers in real time. Troubleshooting and making product demonstrations are also better conducted through live video. You can reduce cart abandonment on your e-commerce site by having on-call agents guiding prospective buyers who are uncertain about completing their purchase. Being one step closer to a face-to-face interaction, video chat makes for a unique and powerful addition to your online customer service strategy. Here are three good examples of richly featured customer service mobile apps with video chat functionality.


With ClickDesk, your customers can quickly initiate video calling on your website without having them install any hardware or software. With ClickDesk’s video chat software solution, a click-to-call icon launches a live video interface window with intuitive call control settings. While interacting on live video, your remote agents can share content to customers in real time.
ClickDesk’s monthly plans have a starting price of $16.99 per agent.


SightCall enables you to display a video call button on your website or on your chat support mobile app interface, giving your customers easy access to your well-trained agents regardless of the browser they are using. This online helpdesk platform allows your agents to share their screen or an application to customers, as well as send data securely and in real time. Using a remote pointer, your agents can also annotate, point, and draw on a live screen to better communicate with online shoppers. The latter feature becomes especially handy when directing a customer on how to navigate or look for certain items on a Web page.
SightCall’s monthly pricing starts at $0.20 for every user.


With VeriShow, you can foster customer loyalty and boost your online helpdesk by offering your customers an option to chat with your agents on live video. Like SightCall, VeriShow works on all browsers–mobile and otherwise–and offers content-sharing in real time so that your agents can better position their offers or guide customers. Co-browsing, where your agent and a customer views the same synchronized Web page in a live session while interacting through a video chat interface, is another helpful feature offered by VeriShow. Through the latter feature, the agent can point using the cursor or highlight sections. This comes in handy when assisting customers to fill out forms or find an item on a Web page.Monthly plans start at $49 per agent.

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