5 Free and Awesome Keyboard Apps for Your Android Device

Keyboard Apps A high-performing keyboard app can ease the difficulty of typing on the small, keyboard-less touchscreen display of your Android smartphone or tablet. Here are five multi-featured keyboard apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.


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GO Keyboard

With its impressive auto-correct and word prediction capabilities, GO Keyboard helps you compose text and email messages on your Android smartphone or tablet more quickly than before by reducing accidental errors when typing. You can also use the mobile app’s nifty voice-to-text feature. GO Keyboard offers support for over 60 languages, as well as many personalization options for keyboard layouts and themes.
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TouchPal X Keyboard

The free TouchPal X Keyboard app sports an ad-free, swipe-friendly interface that makes typing on a touchscreen surface an effortless task. You can even compose sentences by simply sliding your finger pad from one word to the next. Many popular handset brands–including those by Alcatel, HTC, and Sony–use TouchPal X Keyboard as their default keyboard app. TouchPal X Keyboard has a remarkable mixed-language word-prediction capability. It can “learn” from your unique writing style and word choices. The app also supports more than 70 languages and comes with many customizable themes.
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Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard is another topnotch keyboard app for use on your Android device. This free app offers interface options for both qwerty and T9-style keyboards. Choose from Smart Keyboard’s beautifully designed skins for personalization and take advantage of its voice-to-text input feature. Like GO Keyboard and TouchPal X Keyboard, Smart Keyboard is equipped with auto-text and word-prediction capabilities, as well as support for multiple languages.
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Keyboard Super Color

Keyboard Super Color “glorifies” the look of your existing GO Keyboard app, which you need to download first. It imparts stunning customization themes to your basic GO Keyboard app. If you want a fancy-looking and fully functional typing interface on your touchscreen display, then go ahead and install Keyboard Super Color.
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Kii Keyboard

Kii Keyboard has eight built-in HD skins and several keyboard layouts, including PC style, qwerty, and T9. With support for 34 languages, the free multi-touch Kii Keyboard app allows you to type fast by enabling swiping and gesturing for keyboard control and text input. It also helps avoid time-consuming typing errors with its accurate auto-text and word prediction capabilities. You can freely customize the appearance of your keyboard interface. Options for changing the font, color, and background picture are available.
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