5 Sources of Data to Increase Your Sales


One of the great benefits of running an ecommerce store is that you can potentially access a mass of critical and beneficial data to help improve your sales, conversions, and retention rates. As well as data regarding your own customers and website visitors you can also view search results and research keyword and search phrase statistics. Armed with the information you gather, you can then reduce page bounce rates, increase sales values, and generally increase your sales figures for your ecommerce store.


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Search Engines: The search engines themselves offer a wealth of information that you can use to your benefit. You can monitor how well your website is performing for your most important keywords and determine those that need more work. Remember that search position isn’t everything and you should look at the bigger picture. Ranking 2nd or 3rd for a more specific keyword may increase your sales when compared to ranking 1st for a less targeted keyword.


Keyword Data:When you start online marketing you should conduct keyword research; this helps you determine the words and phrases that customers are using when they search for the products or information that you offer. Keyword research software can, therefore, help increase your sales because it will help you identify targeted keywords that are regularly searched for by your potential consumers. The more targeted traffic you receive, the greater your opportunity to make sales.


Website Analytics: Website analytics, including programs like Google Analytics, can provide you with masses of useful information. They can highlight traffic sources but they can also show you the pages where people arrive, those that have the highest bounce rate, and can even be used to help identify which pages have the best conversion rate. This information will prove vital in finding ways to increase your sales. Get a good quality analytics package for your website, even if this means using one of the commercial options rather than a free package.


Conversion Statistics: You need to track and store your own information too. Use tracking data to see which forms of advertising and marketing yield the best results. Determine which pages result in sales and which don’t. Try to ascertain which country, region, and demographics give light to the most sales and the best performance. Having this information to hand will help increase your sales once you have effectively used the information.


Customer Sourced Data: Your customers are your greatest asset in many ways. Find methods to request and receive data from them about how they found your site, what they purchased, and even why they chose to buy particular products or use your website. If necessary, offer an incentive for providing this information, because it will help you to target your efforts more clearly and with greater results.

Increase Your Sales

There are many ways to increase your sales from an ecommerce website or web store. Use the data that you have to hand, and ensure that you are collecting as much information as possible. If necessary, you can incentivize the data collection process so that you can get an even clearer picture of your customers’ actions and decision making processes. Using this data can provide a way to increase your sales without necessarily having to spend a fortune on further marketing and advertising efforts.
By Matt Jackson

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