How to Create Your Online Profile to Attract Your Type


There are many books and articles for women to learn how to craft the perfect online profile to capture the attention of the man they would like to marry. However, it seems as if there are no clear cut rules for men and they often waste their time with women they were not trying to attract. While there is every variation of woman out there, below are some broad categories and ways to attract that type which just may be right for you.


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“The Religious Woman” – This woman is a faithful worship service attendee who takes her relationship with God very seriously. She may be celibate and live by a strict moral code. On the other hand, there may be some leniency in her strict adherence to her religious principles depending upon the situation.

Profile picture: Quarter- or full-length shot in a suit standing outside on a sunny day will be perfect. Hold a religious text for added effect. Do not wear a robe of any type!
Activities: Include all religious events and any ministries you are involved in.
Interests: Include church, spirituality, Bible, religion, or meditation.

Make it clear that your religion is important to you and that you admire a woman whose priority is the same, yet you also like to do other things such as sports, etc.


“Ms. No Strings Hookup”—She is on the dating site for one reason and it is to find a sex partner. She’s not looking for anything serious; in fact, she may be married.

Profile picture: Shirtless quarter length mirror selfie making sure to include the “V” muscle if you have one, but if you’re not in tip top shape, show your best physical attribute flexed and uncovered i.e. bicep or give a seductive, smoldering look channeling your inner Morris Chestnut.
Activities: Include working out, hanging with the fellas, traveling to exotic places
Interests: Include fun, traveling, working out, and massages.

Get the picture? Frivolity works best in describing the type of life you live for this type.


“Good Girl/Closet Freak” – The description explains it all. She may be religious or just classy, but when it comes to the bedroom, call the fire department! Catch this lady’s eye with a delicate balance of adventure, connection building interests and sensuality.

Profile picture:Clear headshot of your smiling face making sure the crisp collar of your shirt is in the frame. No shades! No gaudy jewelry!
Activities: Include Movies, outdoors, museums, sports
Interests: Swimming on a moonlit night, dancing with someone special, great conversation while holding each other will all work well. Try to interject sexual innuendo any way that is not to overtly sexual. Delicate balance is key!

This lady likes to be romanced. She wants to know that you’re not out for one thing. You could get that from “Ms. Hookup” remember? Explain how you’ll connect with her in your profile knowing that the closet freak will appear when the good girl feels secure.


“Sugar Mama” – She may be desperate for a man or just well off financially and wants your affection. Either way, if you’re looking for someone to finance your dreams, which may not exactly be a bad thing, present your future self on your profile.

Profile picture:A headshot with shades and a bright smile will grab her eye.
Activities: Include Include working out, starting businesses, and shopping.
Interests: Be sure to include owning property, becoming a millionaire, and chasing my dreams.

In your profile, include your business ideas and how you’re looking for the right “partner” to make it all happen.


“Wife” – Most men know who they want to make their wife when they meet her. Any of the above women that you meet just may be your future wife; it’s all up to you!

The key to attracting the woman you want to date with your online dating profile is to know the type of woman you want and presenting yourself in a way that makes the woman want to learn more about you. If you want a religious girl, you have to show yourself religious. If you want someone who just wants to get physical with you, then you’ll have to show your physicality. Knowing what you want is the first step and now that you are in the know about how to present yourself, the type of ladies you want will come running.
By Amanda Gia Johnson

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