6 Apps to Enhance Your Google Glass Experience

The Huffington Post‘s Robert Scoble recently wrote an article decrying how the current user interface of Google Glass lacks the ability to handle numerous apps. The forthcoming consumer version of the Glass, however, may sport modifications not found in the current Explorer units available only to a select number of people. You may be able to run more apps on the consumer-grade Google Glass.

Here are six apps–some of them still in their beta testing stage–to consider installing in your Glass.


The legality of wearing Google Glass while driving is still a gray area. A news report late last year indicated that a Glass user in California was ticketed for wearing the device. In addition, DriveSafe’s website contains a disclaimer saying that the developers are uncertain about the app’s reliability. But if you need a little bit of virtual prodding to stay awake, DriveSafe is a handy program to tote around in your wearable device.

Still in its beta phase, DriveSafe is a software designed to keep you from nodding off when you use the Glass while driving. The app is enabled through a voice command stating, “Okay, Glass, keep me awake.” Through an infrared light and tilt/angle sensors detecting winking, blinking, and head orientation, the app then keeps you alert while driving. And if you get sleepy, the app directs you to a location where you can rest.


Recently unveiled by Google, Winkfeed enables users of Google Glass to display their favorite RSS news feeds on the wearable gadget’s interface. Still being beta-tested, one remarkable feature of Winkfeed keeps an eye on the most important social trends. The app culls trending topics on Twitter and top posts on Reddit and then cross-checks those with the Associated Press feed. This means Winkfeed can give you real-time updates on breaking news.


The official Glass app for Twitter lets you receive notifications for direct messages, mentions, and tweets from people you follow. You can also retweet, favorite, and reply to tweets through the app. You can share images to your followers, but you cannot add a description to the image or create a new tweet.


ThroughGlass is the Facebook app that lets you share images and videos to your specified audience setting: Friends, Only Me, or Public. Although ThroughGlass allows you to add a description to an image you have uploaded, it will not let you view comments or likes. Accessing your Facebook timeline and posting status updates are also not possible through the ThroughGlass app.

There’s an unofficial version of the ThroughGlass app, which lets you post status updates and photos, as well as respond to comments. You can use that instead of the official Facebook app.


For avid note-takers and organizers, there’s an Evernote app version for Glass. You can send a note–such as your grocery shopping list or to-do reminders in your desktop computer or tablet–from your existing Evernote user account to your Glass. Or you can send an image or a video file to your Evernote account.


Do you work with presentation slides? If so, then take advantage of YourShow, the app that allows your Glass to access PowerPoint presentations stored in Google Drive. You can then use the Glass to view and control the timing of your slideshow presentation.

By K. Ong

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