Four Key Tips for Facebook Business Success

facebook businessThe power of Facebook cannot be underestimated for online businesses. Facebook is a web platform where millions of people come together, so the chance of increased exposure for your website is more than enough reason to launch a Facebook business page. Follow these four tips to help you get started with your successful Facebook campaign.


Make sure you set up a Facebook page, not a profile

A Facebook page is tailored towards the specific needs of an organization, company, or brand. Potential customers have the opportunity to visit your page and “Like” it, which increases its exposure and reputation. Basically put, the more “Likes” your page receives, the better. You can also customize your page and add lots of information about the products and services you have to offer, as well as linking it to your website by adding a “Like” button directly onto your homepage. It may be that you already have a Facebook profile for yourself as an individual. This is important as you can then “attach” your page to your profile. If you are looking to attract clients through the friends and family members you have as an individual on Facebook, you can display your profile on the left-hand side of the page. Recent and ongoing updates to Facebook mean that this sort of integration is becoming easier and you should get more hits to your business page fairly quickly.

A word of warning: if you set up a profile for your business you will be breaking Facebook’s terms and conditions, so ensure it’s a page you are building.


Pack your page with useful business info

It may seem obvious, but it’s vital to fill in as much information as possible on your Facebook page. You want to let potential customers know all about you and your business before they click through to your website. It may take a few visits for Facebook users to visit your site, so wet their appetites by explaining exactly what kind of product or service you offer and how it would benefit their lives if they made a purchase. In the information section, you can specify all sorts of things, like the type of organization you are, when you were founded, and even what awards you have won in the business world.


Get posting

Facebook and social media sites are all about posting regular content. If you want your Facebook page to be successful you have to be an active user. Important page updates could include information about new releases on your website, special promotions, or time-limited offers. Remember that you can post pictures, music, and videos on your page. A video about one of the services you offer can be a fantastic way to boost sales, so ensure that your Facebook and Youtube accounts are linked. This can easily be done and can add valuable business exposure. The content you post should be varied and fun and should encourage dialogue with the Facebook world. People are put off very quickly if a business page consists entirely of sales pitches and product adverts. Be creative with your content; for example, copy the URL of a relevant news story and have your say about it. Hopefully readers will respond and comment, which in turn will increase the exposure of your page on Facebook. A mistake new businesses often make is to post too often – about three times a week is a good amount, as this gives each update time to be absorbed by the online community.


Have a community spirit

Take a look at other business pages for inspiration and ideas – you’ll be surprised what you can learn. Perhaps a particular logo or layout draws your attention, or maybe a status update has provoked an interesting debate with lots of comments. Comment on or “Like” anything which catches your eye. People will respond to you if you are intelligent, articulate and good-humored in your contributions.

You will learn a lot on your Facebook journey, and you will learn what works and what doesn’t. These four tips are a great way to get started with your business page, and before you know it your page will become a key arm of your overall marketing strategy. You are representing yourself and your business on Facebook, so stay active and enjoy yourself.

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