A Brief Overview of 4K Televisions

A Brief Overview of 4K Televisions4K Televisions are here,Are these very high resolution displays capable of delivering much better quality?

4K is a good idea

If you plan to get a great ultrahigh definition projector to put a 15 foot Super Bowl game on your wall, nothing short of 4K technology will do. When you project a very large picture at the current Full HD resolution, the pixels are obvious. 4K, then, is an excellent idea for projectors. For televisions, such high resolutions are of limited use.

Consider the iPad 4 with its Retina Display. It offers resolution that is higher than Full HD. This makes some sense on a handheld tablet because you hold the device 2 feet away from your eyes. A television, on the other hand, is usually at least 6 feet away. Even people who have 20/20 vision do not have the ability to see unlimited resolution.

Most homes are unable to use televisions that are larger than 65 inches. For a television this size, 4K is overkill. You would probably have to use a magnifying glass to tell the individual pixels apart. Spending money on home-sized 4K television does not bring you real benefits.

Why do the manufacturers make 4K television displays then?

Manufacturers wish to push 4K because it allows them to market ultra large televisions with screens that are at least 84 inches. Smaller televisions are less profitable. If they made two 42-inchers, they would need to spend money on two sets of supporting electronics. If they made one 84-incher, though, they would just have to spend money on one set of supporting electronics. Larger screens are cheaper to manufacture and more profitable. Since these screens are only watchable with ultrahigh definition, they have to move in that direction.

In truth, though, most homes do not have room for televisions that are 84 inches or 102 inches. For smaller televisions, such high resolutions make no difference. What it comes down to, then, is that to most people, 4K does not matter. It is not the next step up for them – it is only the next step up for people who want arena-sized televisions.

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