A guide in choosing best Linux operating system

As per my view, there is no exact reply on how to choose the best Linux operating system as there is no ‘excellent’ reply that goes well with everybody and their rank of proficiency.
From my earlier understanding, the ‘best’ Linux distribution is distribution that you’re at ease with. For instance, if you are well-known with Red Hat-based distributions, then you find a bit difficult to move to Debian based distributions.
Possibly, the majority of the Linux experts might by now recognize the apt reply for deciding correct Linux distribution for themselves. Though, if you are fresh to Open Source or Linux, I would want to inform you 5 strategies for selecting the right Open Source distribution.
5 main key plans for selecting accurate Linux Distributions are:-
1. Your purpose
2. Hardware
3. Reputation
4. Roadmap, developers’ background and sponsors.
5. Official Support or Commercial support

1. Your purpose
Primary and firstly inquire yourself what is the purpose of using Linux Distribution.
Dissimilar Linux distributions for dissimilar requirements; we have to ensure its functionality to observe if particular Linux distribution suit our needs.

2. Hardware
The majority of Open Source Operating System particularly Linux Operating System is not an unattractive any longer. You will be astonished with influential and steady Desktop Graphical User Interface. Though, you must be acquainted with kind of hardware to be used. Linux Operating System that construct for servers are not appropriate for notebook or implanted hardware.

3. Reputation
Accepted Open Source Operating System has additional help from community. The simplest method to ensure their fame is to ensure on the Page Hit position at Addition to that, you require to execute a small research on help medium and technical websites.
-Listed mailing list? How on the go is the mailing list?
– Various online help groups?
– How on the go these forums are?
– Reply time for technical support? Anybody listens to the query?

4. Roadmap, developers’ background and sponsors list
If your Linux distribution is utilized for venture system, I would counsel you to ensure on their roadmap, developers or organization conditions. We absolutely require looking for something which is assembled on firm backdrop and have a obvious roadmap. Fund supporters also offer serious position on the product development and R&D.

5. Official Support or Commercial support
If your Operating System intends the long-standing help or profitable exploit, kindly choose for authorized help or profitable help. Please keep in mind, the keyword ‘Free’ is ‘freedom’ and not ‘free in rate’.

I anticipate the entire five strategies will assist you to deciding your ‘best’ Linux Distribution and you will help in utilize the operating system to the maximum.

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