Advertising your New Business Products or Services

Social networking outlets such as MySpace or Facebook are considered great for not only catching up with new friends or old classmates; you will be able to use them to cultivate a fan “database” for your own business and reach clients interactively, frequent for free. When you will be using social networking platforms in a strategic manner, you will increase your recognition in your field, the loyalty of your clients and open a new door for new ones. While television along with print ads were once considered the best possible way of getting the name of your company out, social media has managed to make a name for itself as a cost-efficient alternative.

1. Build some social networking account for your own business. For instance, you may set up a Facebook account especially for your business. Your present clients will be in the search for what you have to offer and will provide “Likes” for your social web page, and when they will be doing so, their own friends will most certainly see this kind of activity and be invited to follow. The account web page of your business should most likely reflect your target audience and also feature some consistent imagery, such as your logo.

2. You should try to pay for advertising on social networking website such as Facebook. For instance, when you will be advertising your business on this social website, you offer its users the real opportunity of clicking your web page, learn new stuff about your business and also become your fan – a comprehensive process which will be documented as well as broadcast to their friends in their own network.

3. Try to update the social networking account of your company on a regular basis with new info about services or promotions. You may try to offer some deals to encourage them to check back with your own account on a regular basis, creating some brand loyalty as well as recognition. For instance, you may use Twitter to send a tweet providing a discount to anyone which will show the tweet in-store on his smart-phone. If you will provide discounts or special deals on Twitter or Facebook, you will entice more new possible customers, and you will also get the word out for your new products.

4. You may also try to list your business on the Google Business Center. It`s free to add it and it will work very much like the Yellow Pages. Whenever a person will search for a specific service or product, your listing will appear.

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