How to Add a Social Media Board to Blogger

If you might be a social online user, it is most likely that you used more than one single site to connect with your own friends; when you are not writing posts on Blogger, you will most certainly log into a few other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. By simply adding a social board to your Blogger blog`s sidebar, you will offer your readers the chance of sharing their favorite content with various people who haven`t discovered your own blog just yet. Blogger will include a few gadgets which you are able to install for this function.

1. You should log into your Blogger account by using your Gmail e-mail address along with your password. After that, you will be taken to the dashboard web page of your Blogger account.

2. You may click the blue link called “Design”, which is located under the title of your blog. You will get a new web page called “Add & Arrange Page Elements.”

3. In the next step you will have to click on the “Add a Gadget” link located on the right part of the web page. A new window will display a list with your Blogger gadgets available for installation.

4. Locate the “Search for gadgets” field and type “Social” after which you can press the “Enter” tab. The next window will display a list of various social boards which you may place in the sidebar of your new blog. Some of the gadget which you can use will include Share It, Social Networker or Sociable. Each gadget will place a few small buttons, which your users will use to share the content of your blog on their own social networking accounts.

5. You may click the blue “+” sign located near the social board which you are interested to install. This will display the actual configuration screen for that particular gadget.

6. You may remove the check mark located near the name of each and every social networking site which you don`t wish to display a button for. This specific feature will only be available with the Sociable gadget; you can`t modify the actual buttons which are displayed with the Social Networker or Share It gadgets.

7. You should click on the “Save” tab, which is located at the bottom of the web page. This way you will be returned to the “Design” web page of your Blogger blog.

8. You should then click the “Save” tab located at the top of the window. Your Blogger blog will now display a social board.

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