5 Free Amazing Anti-Theft Apps to Help Secure Your Android Device

Free Amazing Anti-Theft Apps to Help Secure Your Android Device Help safeguard your Android smartphone or tablet by equipping it with anti-theft capabilities. You can turn to mobile apps that can help you track, locate, or sound an alarm when you misplace your gadget or when thieving hands have snatched it.

In 2013, there were more than three million stolen handsets, according to IDG Research and Lookout Mobile Security polled more than 2,000 respondents and discovered that 44 percent of smartphones ended up being stolen because their owners forgot them in a public area. Don’t be part of this statistics. Avoid losing your valuable data and mobile device by being vigilant, as well as equipping your handset with anti-theft capabilities. These five free richly featured apps can help keep thieving hands away from your Android phone.


A Way To Track People Is Through Mobile Phone

4 Products for Securing and Tracking Your Smartphone

Anti Theft Alarm

This simple and lightweight mobile app comes with customizable alarm settings. It can sound an alarm when your phone is moved. Once activated, Anti Theft Alarm signals an alarm if your phone is picked up without you knowing. The alarm can be stopped when you enter your PIN. If there are kids in your household, this mobile app also comes in handy to prevent them from using your phone.
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Anti theft alarm by RaLok

Developed by RaLok Technologies, this mobile app is an alternative to Anti Theft Alarm described above. It also sounds an alarm when your phone is moved or when its charger is disconnected. Even if your phone is set in silent mode, a loud alarm still blares when intrusive hands get hold of your Android device. Entering a PIN can halt the alarm.

Prey Anti Theft

This free app for Android is packed with numerous anti-theft features, including geo-location and locking capabilities. Prey Anti Theft safeguards your Android device by leveraging GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation to determine the location of your missing mobile device. The mobile app also enables you to lock your device, sound a loud alarm that can be triggered remotely, and take pictures using the camera of your stolen smartphone or tablet. Upgrading to Prey’s paid Pro version gives you more advanced tracking and anti-theft capabilities.

AppLock Theme Beam

AppLock Theme Beam offers feature-specific protection for your Android device. What it does is to limit or hinder user access to certain applications and features of your mobile device. You can block access, for example, to your multimedia gallery, SMS text messaging option, Facebook, and Gmail. A PIN enables access to the features and phone settings you’ve restricted. AppLock Theme Beam resists attempts to uninstall or deactivate using task-killing programs, ensuring that your data is afforded with a layer of security in case you misplace your phone.

Antitheft Droid SMS

In an unfortunate situation where you end up losing your Android phone, Antitheft Droid SMS allows you to control the app’s anti-theft and tracking features through SMS text messaging. The text messages are, of course, not listed on the Message’s feature of your phone. What’s great about Antitheft Droid SMS is that it helps you track your missing phone’s location by automatically activating GPS and Wi-Fi network capabilities.

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