5 Handy Hacks to Make Your Tablet Even More Useful

Make Your Tablet Even More UsefulWhether you received a new iPad, Kindle or other tablet as a gift or bought one on your own, you already know how astonishingly useful these devices can be. These handheld computers allow you to check your email, surf the web and keep in touch from virtually anywhere. It is no wonder they have become some of the most popular electronic devices on the market.

Even so, many people do not realize just how useful those tablets can really be. Tablet computers have a number of functions you may never have thought of, including these incredibly useful and fun features.


Use Your Tablet as a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
Tablets are very useful, but they have not yet replaced traditional laptop and desktop computers. Chances are you still have one of these devices hanging around your home – and those computers may have wireless mice and keyboards attached.

You can make your tablet function as a fully-functional wireless keyboard and mouse by downloading apps like Winput LITE and the aptly named Remote Mouse. These apps are very useful for controlling your laptop or desktop computer – making it easy to keep working if the regular mouse or keyboard fails.


Set Up Shop by Using Your Tablet as a Mobile Cash Register
Whether you have a small business or are just selling a few things in the online classifieds, having a simple way to get paid is very useful. If you have a tablet, you are already halfway to setting up your own virtual store.

There are a plethora of card swipers and similar devices that allow you to accept and process credit card payments from the comfort of your own tablet PC. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up, since some take a higher percentage of the total sale than others. Once you have chosen the right device and app, you will be ready to accept payments and even set up your own small business.


Entertain the Kids by Making Your Tablet the Go-To Guest Computer
It has been a longstanding holiday conundrum. You have relatives coming in for the holidays – and you will have a house full of guests for several days. How much access to your computer do you give those visiting kids – and adults?

If you have a tablet, you can easily convert it into a great guest computer. Just download a few parental control apps to protect the kiddies as they surf, then hand off that tablet computer and let your guests entertain themselves for hours.


Don’t Buy an Extra Monitor – Use Your Tablet
It is always useful to have an extra monitor around, but if you have already ditched the desktop you may no longer have one. Luckily you can turn your iPad, Kindle or other tablet computer into a spare monitor for your other devices.

Apps like iDisplay let you easily turn your tablet into a computer display – a handy feature for the office or at home.

These applications and others like them are designed to make your tablet more useful and more powerful. With these apps in place, your tablet becomes more and more like a traditional computer – albeit one you can carry with you wherever you go.

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