Apple Mini iPad: A Compact Tablet Appears at the end of the year?

According to unconfirmed reports, which came from China in the third quarter of 2012 the world may see a smaller version of Apple iPad. Portal NetEasy claims that the device will appear in the peak of the new tablets based on Microsoft Windows 8. A source said that the new mini iPad will cost in the U.S. from $ 249 to $ 299.

iPad and mini iPad

Despite the fact that Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) at his time denied the possibility of a reduced market iPad, rumors that Apple might release a mini iPad, continued to appear. Perhaps the success of Amazon Kindle Fire, which sold well in many respects due to its low price, convinced the company Apple, which makes sense to make a more compact and affordable device. However, analysts say that if such a device and will appear in the market, the company will still retain its lead over competitors. Recall that the iPad is the leader in world markets.

Earlier version of conducted testing about Apple iPad tablet 3. Unlike the first generation iPad, iPad 3 is not a revolution, though many expected it to do so.

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