Apple, Nokia, and a new fight to standardize the nano-SIM

Apple and Nokia are struggling to make their proposals selected by the ETSI in the search for the standard of the nano-SIMs.
Do not just put out a fire when the fire alarm beeps elsewhere. So are the technological worlds, struggling constantly in a thousand different fronts. Apple, fortunately or unfortunately, is involved in many of these battles, and has now returned to the charge in a new field. When the micro-SIM still not used en masse, the desire to make progress from the industry wants to take the next step, the nano-SIMs.
The European Institute of Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), yesterday had to choose between the two main alternatives to achieve a standard proposed by Nokia and Apple, but ultimately, the decision will be postponed until late May. Nokia, which has the support of RIM and Motorola, put the outcry following the publication of a report by Financial Times which said that Apple may be responsible for influencing the vote. In addition, the Finns claim that the proposal does not meet the Cupertino technical requirements required to provide a tray mechanism. These require that the proposal will make for the next smartphones are of a smaller size, the nano-SIM not easily snaps in previous terminal and reach the market faster.
For its part, Apple has counter-attacked offering the possibility that the licensing of nano-SIM if his proposal was the chosen were free, to which it answered Nokia saying they are not Apple patents essential to the new card for which should charge. And there’s more, since Nokia said that if Californians are not winners will block the production by licensing their patents to each other that are necessary. Let’s wait and see how it ends, but the show is assured.

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