Apple may be interested in bringing the Siri in Mac

Apple has introduced one of its latest patents, the possibility of using Siri through a Mac and other devices.
Yes, one of the most recent patent indicates that the company could be working on a supposed “voice control system.” This describes the current system of Siri that the iPhone 4S is paired with a computer that is running OS X (laptops and desktops).
Thus this possibility would be linked to a Mac and an iPhone 4S, thus the first able to use certain features of the second. Another important point of this new patent is that not only the Mac have the opportunity to access the voice commands, but also other devices can do, as long as they count on a microphone, a storage unit and of course, a processor.
Moreover, this new way of using Siri could benefit users as also spoken of the possibility of improving performance in the future. In fact, it can be used Siri in two (or more) devices could “teach” things, an example of this is to say the word “Play” button while pressing the ‘play’ on the iPod, and will link the “Play” with start playback on iPod.
Siri also intended to distinguish between users and personal settings, and could also distinguish between different tones of voice. Siri is currently only available on iPhone 4S but this new Apple patent describes how the company is thinking of bringing the service to all its product range.

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