Creating Your Own White Label Social Network

If we should talk about creating your very own white label social media website, it is best to begin with a prepackaged social community platform, which will offer you all the necessary tools to allow user profile web pages, personal blogs, membership registration as well as plenty of other features. Ning, Digital`s Social Network Platform, Socialspring or KIT Social Platform can be considered three different choices which can be used to get started.

1. You may use Ning, known as being one of the largest platforms for building social sites in the world. The social websites you build with Ning may be hosted on their own domain,, or from your very own domain. Your Ning social network will be highly customizable, offering you with over eighty distinct design features. Other various settings will include integration with Twitter or Facebook, but also the option of letting users to post messages or build small blogs. At this time, Ning will cost you from $3 to $60/month, but will provide a free 30-day trial as well.

2. Get the Digital Social Network Platform, or API, to integrate your existing website with your community features. You may build special communities which will target particular groups, like employees or fans, and build niche communities which will center around brands or products. Reality Digital`s platform will let you run contests or deploy mobile apps as well.

3. Use Socialspring to build a white label social networking website for your organization or company. This particular social enterprise platform is free to use and will only allow individuals from the same organization to join. Socialspring is considered a hosted solution which will act as a company intranet, but kind of “in a cloud.” Some of the best businesses out there are already using Socialspring, including Citi Bank, Bank of America or Verizon Wireless.

4. You may sign up for the KIT Social Platform, known in the past as KickApps as well. This internet hosted solution will offer the proper tools for site owners to reinvent their present site design, making in more social-friendly. The platform will let you create a custom community integrated into your already existing website. Since it is white label, it will include your very own branding. Other various features that will be included into this social platform will be the capacity of publishing content to your social networking website or host various contests.

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