Social Networking & Corporate Communication

A lot of individuals will stay connected to the online environment practically most of their time, no matter if they are at their home or they are using their cell phones. And with social media websites becoming the main use of the internet so fast, they become a regular form of corporate connection as well. Through social networking, business and companies of different sizes can connect with clients, employees or other businesses.

Social Media as a Promotional Tool

Using social media can really be an affordable and easy method of raising the profile of your company as well as attracting new clients. It is perfect for rewarding loyal clients by simply adding special offers only for those specific people who follow the social media web page of your company. There is an article called “Soup Up your Social Sales Channels” in the “Entrepreneur” magazine, which uses Southwest Airlines a real example of efficient social media. Southwest`s PR representative devotes 20% of her time to Twitter, where she will usually post special deals which will generally bring her $3.000.000 in sales, according the Charlene Li, the founder of Altimeter Group.

For Input & Feedback

A lot of companies will use their social networking accounts in the same fashion they use various employee evaluations or client satisfaction surveys, soliciting some feedback from shareholders, possible clients or employees. Using the info generated, most companies are able to make some changes to refine their products, make a determination of what they need to do for reaching a larger share or benefit employees.

Recruiting & Retaining Employees

Social media may serve in the same manner as an employee newsletter, alerting them regarding various company news like special incentive bonuses, training sessions or new policies. Various companies may use social media as a recruiting tool, by connecting with job applicants or marketing the benefits of working at the company. Almost 60% of organizations which responded had managed to find employees using social media websites, according to a study from 2011.

Damage Control

Social media websites can be a direct method for organizations to get in touch with its employees regarding an event which may affect the business, no matter if it is a positive or negative one, or if it will affect the organization indirectly or directly. This will in fact make it perfect for damage control, managing to enable company leadership to speak directly to the audience. Using various social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, they may post public updates for to explain cases or situations and how they intend to answer. They may use social media websites for addressing various questions or concerns from the audience.

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