Difference Between Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c

Towards the end of 2013, Apple unveiled the long awaited new iPhone. To everyone’s surprise, they released two versions of the iPhone: the 5s and 5c. This confuses many because it’s hard to know the difference between the two iPhone’s. Here is a more in depth look of what exactly is different between the two.
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Apple was smart with releasing the iPhone 5c because it offered a cheaper alternative for someone who wants to still have the latest and greatest iPhone but save some money doing so. To cut back on the price tag, Apple did have to let go of some features that are included in the 5s and not have them in the 5c. They did do a great job at keeping the phones performing nearly the same, though.

The first and probably most noticeable difference between the two is what their bodies are made of. The iPhone 5s features the familiar premium apple look: an aluminum body. The 5s has a sleek metal design that keeps it looking like a premium, well built device. The iPhone 5c saved some money by using a plastic body instead of a metal one. They made several different colors available such as blue, pink, yellow, and a few more. This made it seem like less of a premium device, and the build quality is still very good.

One thing that the 5s features that you will not find on the 5c is Apples Touch ID. This is a feature that allows the home button to double as a fingerprint scanner. The iPhone 5c just features a regular home button. The Touch ID is a useful feature, but definitely not a necessity.

One of the last differences is the camera. The 5s and 5c cameras have the same megapixels, but the 5s has a few extra features that allow it to take noticeably better pictures. The 5c camera is still very good and competes with the top phone cameras out still, but the 5s cameras is one of the best.

Other than that, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are nearly identical throughout the rest of the phone. They both run on iOS 7, have a 1,440 mAh Li-Po battery, a duel core 1.3 gHz processor, and 1 GB RAM.

The last difference, though, is the price. On contract, the iPhone 5s will run at a familiar $200. Off contract, it’s looking at around just under $700. For the iPhone 5c, buying it on contract is about $100. Buying it without a contract is just shy of $500. It’s a big price difference for not too much missing from the 5c, making the choice between the two a hard one.

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