Digital Camera Tips:Shutter speed

In the past 30 years photography has progressed a lot. I remember looking at photos from my grandfathers era and a lot of the shots were blurry or they had a lot of motion blur. Now back in the days of film you could review the image you took until you had it processed at the local supermarket or camera store. But now in the days of digital you have the privilege of reviewing a picture as soon as you take it, and usually have a chance to retake it if it is not what you were looking for.

One of the biggest mistakes most people used to make, and still do is not knowing how to use their shutter speed correctly. In simple terms the shutter speed is what tells your camera how quickly to take a picture. So the faster the shutter speed, the faster the photo will be taken. But it not only effects how fast the picture is taken but also how much like that the camera allows to hit the sensor. So if you have a high shutter speed, say about 1/500th of a second their will be a lot of light that is not allowed to enter into the camera. So if you need to take photos of sports make sure it is during the day when their is a lot of light out. That way you can increase your shutter speed and still have a correctly exposed photo.

To get a decently exposed photo indoors with the lowest shutter speed most people need to have their shutter speed set at least 1/60 of a second. If you don’t know how to change your shutter speed take a look at your camera’s manual. Almost every camera that has been released within the last 3 years will allow you to adjust your shutter speed to some extent.

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