Digital Camera Tips:stability

A lot of the top digital cameras nowadays can film good quality video. But the problem with these small cameras is keeping them stable. And with the kind of sensors they have inside them when the footage becomes shaky it tends to have an effect that video professionals like to call “jello”. It will sway and wobble and in general look pretty terrible. So what are some of the ways that you can combat this? Well keep on reading to find out.

The first way I would like to tell you about is different ways to hold your camera. The best way to get a good stable grip of your camera is to put one hand on one side and then use that arm’s elbow against the side of your body. Then your other hand will go on the other side to add support.

Another good way to add stability is to put both your elbows against your chest and then both of your hands under the camera to hold it. The closer your hands are to the lens the better, that way your lens does not bob up and down, and in turn you get less “jello” effect.
Another really cool item that will help you out is a handle. Their are a lot of different kinds of handles from a lot of different companies. I am only going to talk about two of them. The first one is the steady pod by Varavon. My favorite feature about this handle is the fact that it is also a mini tripod. This makes it much more versatile then just a regular handle. The next handle is the Photography and Cinema Pistol grip. It adds a 1/4 inch mount to the bottom of the handle so you can still easily mount it on a tripod or on a neckstrap.

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