On the Do Not Call Registry but Still Getting Robocalls? Here’s What to Do

The Do Not Call registry is an excellent tool for stopping unwanted telemarketing calls, but some shady marketers have found a way around it. Companies are now using robocalls to reach out to customers, snag the unwary and annoy everyone else.


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Robocalls run the gamut, from political fundraising calls to pitches for questionable products and shady investment opportunities. If you are still receiving robocalls even after signing up for the Do Not Call list, there is an additional step you can take to end the constant interruptions.

The Nomorobo website blocks robocalls that have been reported as illegal, shielding you from unwanted telemarketing calls while allowing legitimate automated calls, like those from your doctor, to get through.

Once you sign up for the free Nomorobo service, the phone will ring once while the call is identified. If the incoming number is identified as an illegal robocaller, the phone will automatically hang up, and you never have to get up to answer the phone.

While the Nomorobo website is not a government-run entity like the Do Not Call registry, it can be an excellent tool for those with landlines. The site does not yet work with wireless carriers, but the operators are working to bring wireless carriers on board. Once that work is completed. The Nomorobo site should work equally well with cell phones and traditional phone service.

To sign up for the Nomorobo service and keep unwanted robocalls at bay, you will need to provide the site with the name of your current carrier and, of course, your telephone number. You will also need to provide a valid email address in order to receive updates when they become available.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email containing a link to the site. The link will lead you to the Nomorobo signup page, where you will create a username, assign a password and set up your account. The signup and setup processes are easy, and once it is done you should see a marked decline in annoying robocalls.

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