Do you know new iPad generates more heat than its predecessor?

Testing conducted by a consumer organization allowed us to verify that the new iPad can generate up to 13 degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer than its immediate predecessor, when running action games. The test coincides with reports from users of the new Apple tablet in various forums in which they complained of overheating of the device in different situations.
Indeed, taking into account the demands of some users, Consumer Organization made a report regarding the new iPad by a test that was run under the control of a thermal imaging camera.
Thus, it was found that the front and back of the tablet generates up to 116 degrees F (about 47 ° C.), which means between 12 and 13 degrees F warmer than the iPad 2 after running the game Infinity Blade II without interruption for 45 minutes.
It should be noted that the test was performed with the connection 4G LTE device off, but with support Wi-Fi on, with an ambient temperature of 72 degrees F (22 ° C), considering that Apple recommends not using the new iPad areas where the temperature exceeds 95 degrees F (35 º C).
Despite this shortcoming, the report said that one of the experts tried to get their hands on the tablet in its state of maximum heat output, ensuring that while and felt “very hot”, not very uncomfortable if it held for a short period of time.
Evaluation of the new iPad
In any case, Consumer Reports said the new Apple tablet is still subject to different tests, before issuing a final report on the quality and efficiency of the same, which is expected to be made ​​in the month of May.
The new iPad was officially launched in ten countries markets on Friday 16 March, and until 20th March, it had been sold over 3 million units.
Just from that date began to report the comments of some users who noticed that certain areas of their new devices (the lower left corner, for example) are overheated when activated certain features.
However, other customers came to the defence of the product, noting that while the heating is detected the device; it is tolerable and does not affect normal operation.
For its part, Apple dismissed the complaints because it believes that this situation was expected. Through a statement sent to the site. The Cupertino Company said the new iPad “has an impressive Retina Display screen, A5X chip, and support for 4G LTE and over 10 hours of battery life, all working seamlessly within our thermal specifications. In the event that users have any concerns, we recommend you contact AppleCare.”

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