Exploring Programming or Coding

To begin an exploration of coding or programming, some beginners simply want to know where to start.  The answer to that question will vary depending on who answers the question.  If the objective is to get a job, the coding language to start with is Java.  If the idea of exploring coding means a start for the first time, HTML is the likely language for beginners.


An Overview of HTML and CSS for Website

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In a short period of less than thirty days, a beginner can learn enough HTML to do a webpage.  This accomplishment will encourage an increase in time investment to do more coding faster.  If there is no rush, one coding lesson a day can increase the skill level of a beginner to do simple coding for a web page in less than 60 days.  The novice that wants to obtain bragging rights faster will speed up the process by doing more lessons per day and keeping good notes.

Depending on where beginners choose to learn programming, instructions and the opportunity to practice the newly learned coding may be available at the same location as the lessons.  Start observing the web pages of regularly visited websites to see if a link to click on code for slower connections is available.  The web page that appears is usually a page using HTML programming language.  For a beginner wishing to create a fancier web page, the next language to learn is CSS.  If the beginner is in a hurry for an interactive website, the language to add is Java as soon as HTML and CSS has reached a confident skill level for the new coder.

New Java coders may want to explore JavaScript and jQuery for coding that allows interaction from the user.  Eager new programmers may want to experiment with both languages at the same time.  However, learners that are more careful will prefer to approach the exploration of Java at a slow pace.  Examination at a slower pace allows note taking and experimenting with one lesson of one language per day to avoid confusion.  Background research of the origin and purpose of the programming languages may aid in the understanding and memory of the code.

Learning and practice approaches to becoming a skilled programmer varies from each beginner that explores coding.  Prefaces of desired approaches will depend of whether the endeavor is an individual undertaking or aided by another person or entity. The aid of another person or entity may add another opinion and preface of the identity of the best approach

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