How Inbound Marketing Increases Lead Generation: Five Best Practices for Landing Pages

Landing PagesMost marketers know that inbound marketing increases lead generation. However, they don’t know exactly how this process works or how they should implement these tactics with their own content. This article takes marketers through five best practices to use while developing and revising landing pages.

It is well established that landing pages and their lead-capture forms are two of the most crucial components of inbound marketing,how to increase your lead generation. Without these features, marketers would have a much smaller chance of converting website visitors into leads and generating reconversions. As landing pages allow you to direct site visitors to targeted pages, marketers can capture leads at a significantly higher rate than other types of website forms.

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Additionally, landing pages give you the ability to focus your visitors’ attention on a single offer without the distractions of any other website elements. Visitors reach a landing page with a sole purpose: to get an offer by filling out a lead-capture form.

However, inbound marketing is much easier said than done. There are a number of best practices that every marketer should keep in mind when developing and tweaking landing pages.

Include effective landing page elements

In order to get site visitors to complete a lead-capture form successfully, a landing page must include a headline and possibly a sub-headline, a concise description of the offer with clear emphasis on its value, a minimum of one image, and a form for the visitors’ information. Many people also opt to include supporting components, such as security badges or testimonials from users.

Take out the main website navigation

After a visitor reaches a landing page, he needs to stay there long enough to complete the form. When there are distractions on a landing page, such as links to other parts of a website, visitors are more likely to go elsewhere before they convert. One of the simplest aspects of inbound marketing,how to increase your lead generation is to take out the main website navigation from a landing page.

Match the landing page headline with its corresponding call-to-action (CTA)

The wording should be the same or very similar in your CTA and landing headline page. If visitors click on a CTA expecting a free offer only to discover a catch on the landing page, you will immediately lose their trust. On a similar note, if the headline and CTA have different messages, visitors may get confused and wonder why the two pages are linked together. It is your job to ensure that the landing page accurately reflects the promised CTA statement and vice versa.

Keep it simple

Another important principle of inbound marketing,how to increase your lead generation is keeping things simple. Visitors who come across cluttered landing pages are likely to get confused, distracted, and/or overwhelmed, which creates landing page friction. Text and images should be straightforward and relevant, and the colors for the page should be simple and easy to read.


Highlight the value of the offer

Provide a handful of bullet points or a short paragraph that summarizes the offer’s benefits. This information should go beyond the basics of the offer and explain the value, giving visitors a strong incentive to complete the form. For example, instead of “Product X includes the following components” consider “Discover how Product X can increase productivity by 50%.” The phrasing should target a specific need, problem, or interest of the audience at hand.


Promote social sharing

Don’t forget to feature social media sharing options that give your users the ability to spread the content and offers. In order to keep the landing page simple and clutter free, limit the buttons to the social platforms that your target audience frequents. Don’t forget to include an option for email forwarding, as many people prefer this method of sharing. Even when a social media contact does not complete the form, someone in his own network may complete it.

Inbound marketing is an ongoing process. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies until you determine which ones work best for your landing pages.

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