Five Ways to Boost Your Wireless Connection

Many households have turned to wireless technology to keep electronic devices connected. What people might not realize is that their wireless signals can diminish under certain conditions. Taking these five steps, you can increase your wireless connections at home. This means you can connect devices from further away, as well as speed up transfer times for print jobs, Internet surfing and more.


Swap the antenna. Most of the antennas that come with wireless devices are not as powerful as aftermarket options. Also, most of these antennas broadcast 360 degrees, which doesn’t help if your router or other device is in the corner of your house. If your device has an external antenna, remove it and replace it with a larger one, or with one that has a directional broadcast feature.


Buy an antenna booster. Many antenna boosters are available from aftermarket resellers. You can also make your own booster using free designs available on the Internet, as well as some tape, cardboard and aluminum foil. These antenna boosters increase the broadcasting power and range of a router or other wireless device.


Change placement. Where you position your wireless devices makes a huge difference. Static devices like wireless routers should be placed as far away from walls, support beams and large metal objects as possible. You should also locate it away from cordless phone bases and other devices that use wireless signals.


Buy repeaters. Repeaters look a lot like wireless routers, but they simply rebroadcast any wireless signals they pick up. This means the range of your wireless signal is effectively broadened, helping you cover areas that before had weak or no wireless signal. The best part about repeaters is that they only need an electrical outlet, meaning you don’t have to string wires over doorways or under rugs. You also don’t have to install additional software on any of your wireless devices or reconfigure your network, making repeaters a quick and easy solution to weak wireless signals.


Check for firmware upgrades. Just like with your computer or smartphone, you should check for firmware upgrades for your wireless router. Updated firmware can help your router make better use of its hardware, leading to a stronger wireless signal and broader broadcasting range, as well as introduce new features and benefits. Third-party firmware downloads are available as well, just be sure to check that the firmware is compatible with your router model and that it’s coming from a trusted source.

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