How to secure your WiFi network?

Change the user password of your wireless router

Access to the configuration utility of your router is secured with a username and a password. This page is accessed by typing the IP address of your router in your internet browser (eg The first step in securing your new Wi-Fi network is to change the password by going to the option to change it.

Set the network name (SSID)

Any WiFi network has a name: the SSID (Service Set IDentifier). The second step is to change the name and hide it from view malicious users. In the configuration utility for your router, change the default SSID name in avoiding it is too simple.
Then disable the SSID broadcast of your wireless network by checking the box, so it does not appear in the list of possible connections from your neighbors.

Enable encryption on your network (security key)

Before using your wireless-son, it is useful to encrypt it with a numerical key so as to leave only to users with access to it. Two types of encryption data are currently available: WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). If your router and your wireless adapters support it, son, you should opt for a WPA key encryption key with “Pre”. However, if your hardware does not support WPA, then enable WEP. The manipulation is simple because the digital encryption is created from a phrase you must enter a minimum 5-letter word or phrase in the text box and the router will generate different codes. Remember to write them down (one is enough) because they will be used to connect each computer on the network.

Filter MAC addresses

Devices (PC or PDA) connected to a wireless network-son have a network card fitted with a specific address: MAC address (apart from this, a computer is defined by its IP address). In the configuration utility for your router, you must activate the filter option and enter the MAC addresses of each of your devices. Thus only these devices (known on the network by their MAC addresses) can access the network.

Configure machines Wifi

For each machine can connect to the network you will need to indicate the information listed above. After researching your wireless-son, you must change the SSID to match the one you specified for the router. Then specify the key digital encryption that was specified in the utility ocnfiguration the router. Once done, your device should connect to the router and the internet.

Enable file sharing

To share files between computers and devices connected in Wifi, you need to enable file sharing. The process of sharing in Windows XP is simple. Choose “Control Panel”, then “Network Connections” and click “Create a home network or a corporate network.” Then select “This computer connects to the Internet through another computer on my home network or through a residential gateway.” The connection wizard will detect your

Internet connection.

To share a folder with Windows XP, right click on the file in question, then choose “Sharing and Security” and check “Share this folder”. To then access all shared folders from any machine on the network, click “Start” then “My Network”. The technique is similar to set a network printer: on the computer that the printer is directly connected, go to the “Start” menu then “Printers and Faxes”, then click the right mouse button on the printer and installed select “Share”.

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