Instagram Tutorials:How to Become Instagram Famous

So you want to become Instagram famous? Well we won’t make you any promises, but there are a couple guidelines you should follow in order to make your dream a reality. Before we continue, yes there are ways to “buy” followers, but those methods are risky, usually involve bot followers and are totally uncool. So if you want real Instagram followers, keep reading.

Become Beautiful/Handsome

If you’re beautiful or handsome, Instagram users will naturally gravitate towards you. If you disbelieve me, do a random search of some Instagram users who have 4,000 or more followers and tell me what you notice. They are generally hot models who do or do not bear a little more than enough acceptable skin. Like the saying goes, sex sells. Become beautiful and you’ll naturally gain followers.

Use Tags

You do not want to overuse tags, but use at least 4 to 5 tags on each photo you upload. Make sure the tags are relevant to your photo. You’ll attract quite a bit of followers that way. #tbt, #throwbackThursday, #instafamous #instagood etc. are examples of highly used and yet effective tags. Remember, use your tags responsibly. Don’t spam them because you will piss off people, plus you’ll seem desperate.

Like Other Instagrammers Photos

People like it when you notice them. If you want to gain followers it is a good idea to start liking photos within your niche. For instance if you are a self-proclaimed fashion guru, use the explorer option and search for tags related to fashion and begin liking photos with those tags. Not everyone will follow you back but a lot will. If you want to increase the odds, leave an honest comment on a photo or two of theirs.

Take Great Photos

Instagram is all about photos and if you want to attract more followers you may need to improve your photography skills. Don’t upload just any crappy photo to Instagram. Take pride in your work and yes it’s ok to use filters. Just make sure the filters do not detract from the photo.

Post to your Facebook

A great way to join the massive follower count train is to post your photos to Facebook. If enough of your Facebook friends realize you are having such a great time on Instagram, they may decide to start following you. Don’t spam your Facebook feed though.

Do a Public Stunt

Believe it or not, public stunts don’t always have to be lame or disgusting. Get creative and come up with a good idea. For instance you can promise the world that if you get 2,000 followers by the end of the week, you will prank your girlfriend/boyfriend, or you’ll jump out of a plane. Sorry I’m not too original, but you get the idea. Get your friends to share the post and sooner or later your prank may catch on. Just remember to keep your word, if you don’t, you may lose your followers faster than you got them.

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