iPhone Apps:10 iPhone Apps to Use for Your Car

The smartphone is a revolutionary invention, and that is possibly the reason it has made its way into the hearts and pockets of the mainstream population.

One benefit of taking your smartphone along as you cruise through the city is the handy apps that are developed just for drivers. Here are 10 apps that drivers just cannot afford to pass on.

iGasUp ($0.99)

If you’re one to worry about paying too much for gas, then this app is just for you. The iPhone app will display the gas prices at the 10 fuel stations closest to you. The pricing technology is the same one used by AAA and satellite companies. With up to 110,000 fuel stations in the database, you’re sure to find the best pricing in your area.

Trapster (Free)

Trapster is a free app that will give you advanced notice of any speed traps. With it you’ll be able to know where the speed cameras, live speed traps and red light cameras are located. Join the network and you’ll be able to confirm reported traps or point out new ones.

greenMeter ($5.99)

Get real time stats of your driving to save on fuel. The app uses accelerometer sensors in your iPhone, so you’ll have to set a forward direction on the phone before you start your journey.

TripAlyzer ($5.99)

TripAlyzer is another app for fuel conscious drivers. It will analyze your driving habits and calculate your fuel efficiency. The cool thing about this app is that it will also display your carbon footprint, the time you spent on idle, and the best route to save fuel.

Dynolicious ($12.99)

The iPhone can calculate forward, backward and sideways acceleration, so you can use Dynolicious to test improvements in your hot rodding. Dynolicious can easily replace other expensive testing equipment.

gMeter ($8.99)

Another app that puts the iPhone accelerometers to the test, gMeter will record your speed, engine power and distance travelled.

g-tac ($9.99)

For a more accurate measurement of your Gs, g-tac will go one step further than Dynolicious by calculating horsepower in addition to speed, engine power and distance travelled. G-tac uses GPS in conjunction with the iPhone’s accelerometer and uses line graphs to display and compare results of different tests.
AccuFuel ($0.99)

Want to keep close tabs on how much money you spend on gas? This app will help you keep track of gas spent on all your cars. You’ll get instant feedback in the measurement unit that is best for you.

Speedometer Speed Box ($3.99)

No one can fault you if you drive a classic car with the cable speedometer. Keep your car but get digital readings through this iPhone app. Speedometer Speed Box will give you digital speed readouts, but will also serve as a compass, altimeter and average speed calculator. Now that’s value in a handy and affordable app.

iCar App(Free)

This final app is a freebie. It can be used to recover your car if it is stolen. The app uses GPS to locate the car and will send you its location through email. The app also sends alert when your parking meter is running low.

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