How to Boot Your Android Device to Safe Mode

In certain cases, you might find your device in a state where it goes all cranky for some unknown reason. This can be very troublesome especially if your device often freezes and you simply can’t get it to work. Well, perhaps the main cause of your phone’s problem is a third-party app so might as well try to boot your device into safe mode.

Just like your computer, you can also opt to boot your Android smartphone or tablet into safe mode. This way, you can load your device without any third-party applications. Apparently, this is the best option that you can do to figure out whether the applications that you’ve added are really causing problems to your device.


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However, keep in mind that booting into safe mode may vary from one Android device to another. In other words, you can try doing the following methods but there is still no guarantee that it will work.

Method One – Use the power button

1Hold or long-press the power button for one to two seconds
2In the list that appears, choose and long-press the “Power Off” option
3You will then be prompted to boot your device to “Safe Mode”. Just click “OK” to reboot your device and that’s it.
However, if you don’t see any message prompt, it is very likely that you cannot use this method to boot your device into safe mode. Anyways, you can still proceed to the next option.

Method Two – Use the volume up and down button

1Switch off your phone (wait until your phone vibrates before you proceed to the next step)
2Hold the power button to switch your phone back on
3While your device is booting, press and hold the volume up and button buttons. Do not release until you see the lock screen on the display.
If a “Safe Mode” label appears on the lower-left portion of your device screen, then you have successfully restarted your device in safe mode. If not, you can repeat the steps but instead of holding both the volume up and volume down buttons, just press and hold the volume down key and see if it works.

Method Three – Use the menu button

1Switch off your phone (once again, wait until your phone vibrates before you move on to the next step)
2Turn in back on by pressing the power button
3As your phone restarts, you’ll see its official logo. As soon as that logo disappears, quickly press and hold the menu key and do not release it until you can feel a light vibration that is quickly followed by a stronger vibration.
After that, wait until you see your phone’s lock screen and check if the “Safe Mode” label is being displayed on its lower-left corner.
If the label is there, then you have successfully booted your Android device to safe mode.

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