10 Top Small Business Apps

Business Apps
Thanks to portable devices and applications, small business owners can execute a number of different tasks no matter where they are. Here are 10 of the best apps for managing your business.


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1 QuickBooks

QuickBooks Mobile can help you stay organized and productive whether you are in the office or on the go. The app allows you to perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • manage and invoice customers
  • record payments
  • create sales receipts
  • create and email cost estimates

QuickBooks Mobile is a great app for your accounting and bookkeeping needs. The app syncs with QuickBooks, and it’s very easy to use once you learn it.

2 Office Time

Office Time gives on-the-go business owners an intuitive easy-to-use time tracker. You can easily track exactly what you do every day.

Office Time allows you to record billable hours to the second and expenses down to the penny. There are tools to easily manage projects and clients, and there are customization options to account for the unique needs of different businesses.

3 is considered by many to be the best personal finance service. The service pulls all of your financial account information into a single place. integrates with all the major banks, and it provides an automated way to track your finances; your transactions are automatically categorized. In an instant, you can know what’s happening in your savings, checking, investments, and retirement accounts.
Although it was designed to track personal finances, Mint works great for business as well.
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4 Box

Box allows you to store your company’s data online and access it from anywhere. Files that you’ve uploaded to your Box account can be viewed, edited, managed, and shared from a mobile device.

Thousands of small and large businesses use Box to store and manage files. It’s a great tool for on-the-go productivity.

5 Dropbox

Much like Box, Dropbox lets you access your documents, videos, and photos no matter where you are. Once Dropbox is installed, files that are saved to your account are automatically saved to your computers, mobile devices, and the Dropbox website.

Dropbox is generally thought of as an app for personal use, while Box is thought of as more of a business app. However, Dropbox can definitely be used as a productivity tool for small businesses.

6 Documents To Go

Documents To Go allows you to view Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files on your mobile device. The app’s full version allows you to edit and also create files.

Documents To Go also allows you to link your mobile device with your desktop computer. Any edits that you make with either machine will automatically sync.
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7 WebEx

WebEx mobile apps allow you to collaborate with your colleagues from wherever you are. In fact, you can do with WebEx just about anything that can be done person. You can

  • present webinars and other online events
  • deliver online training
  • provide remote technical support
  • share knowledge and ideas across your organization

8 Evernote

Evernote is a popular app that helps increase productivity and stay organized. It does all this by allowing you to take notes, save your ideas, create task lists, record voice reminders, and much more.

All of your notes will be searchable so you can easily find specific items. Evernote can be an indispensable tool for an on-the-go professional.

9 Mobile allows you to always stay in touch with your customers. You can use your mobile device to stay aware of customer issues, collaborate with team members, and track and reply to cases. can help you keep customers from falling through the cracks.

10 Square

Are mobile transactions a part of your business? If so, Square can be of great assistance to you. It enables you to accept credit card transactions from anywhere.

Square comes with a free card reader that you can plug into your tablet or smartphone. Your customers will be able to add tips, sign receipts, and they can also receive receipts via text or email.

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