How to Get the MAC Address in Windows Vista?

You may have encountered that when you access WiFi networks from your laptop, some wireless networks want to know your MAC Address. These wireless networks often restrict access to computers they known and registered. The MAC Address is a piece of identification that can help the network to distinguish between computers it knows and utter strangers.

The MAC Address is hard to fake, that is because no two MAC Addresses are identical. A wireless network can restrict access to the utter stranger computers easily by using the MAC Address.

If you want to get the access to a specific network, you can hand it over to the network manager or human in charge after you get your laptop’s MAC Address by following these steps.

1. Open the Control Panel’s Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel.
2. Click the View Status label of the connection you want to examine, and then it appears a Network Connection Status dialog box.
3. Click the Details button.
A Network Connection Details dialog box appears. Locate the item labeled Physical Address, which is the MAC Address number.
4. Copy down the MAC Address numbers and close all the dialog boxes.

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